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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Yeah. On vumatel as well. Internet was off this morning. Bounced the CPE device, and it's working fine now. *shrugs*
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    South African airline war - R499 flights and dogs allowed

    We're talking about our girlfriends here, right?
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    IT Qualifications via Distance Learning 2: Electric Boogaloo

    It's great, but there are some rough edges with some modules, they are working very hard to improve it, though. Other modules I've been hearing great things from fellow students. Graphics programming module was apparently loads of fun, and there are some great lecturers who you can clearly tell...
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    IT Qualifications via Distance Learning 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I'm currently studying com. sci. with University of London, currently second year. If you have any questions about them feel free to DM me.
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    New BEE rules announced for IT companies in South Africa

    Would like to know this as well. Currently running my own 1 man (me, of course) private company.
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    Anger after Joburg load-shedding schedules amended with no notice

    Hell, I came out with change left over after buying this macbook, I was prepared to pay considerably more but simply couldn't find a windows based laptop that ticked all the boxes. Glad I waited it out (and saved!) for a few years.
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    Anger after Joburg load-shedding schedules amended with no notice

    *pats M1 MacBook* Sucker has me covered for nearly 2 workdays.
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    Wall Street vs Robinhoods: How retail investors brought a hedge fund to knees

    It's not a problem investing at the peak of a stock's price, if your intention is just that, investing. You're buying into it, knowing what the stock is about, and betting on its value increasing over time, increasing the value of your position. Buying at the peak of a position hoping to...
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    The cheapest option for keeping your house powered in load-shedding

    No man, you're comparing a 20k+ dual inverter compressor aircon to what's probably considered the more entry level average set of models. XD PS: I'm jelly... Though my 12,000btu inverter aircon is more than sufficient for where I spend most of my time..
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    MacBook Air M1 track pad issues

    Pro model, no issues at all.
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    Work from home setup

    The problem there is not that you have a rain spider... it's that you have a rain spider, and you no longer know where it is. o_o
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    Great software which makes your life much easier

    Don't know if this was mentioned before, but Parsec (high frame rate, low latency remote desktopping) has been a daily boon for me, being able to remote into my powerful desktop machine and work as if I was right in front of it, or playing PC games from my macbook regardless of where I am (as...
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    Dogecoin blowing the F up.

    Harsh drop sounds like a good time to go shopping. :p
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    WhatsApp tries to remind users of its privacy features

    How else are people going to feel part of something if they just accept and business as usual? Bandwagons are meant to be jumped on! /sarcasm :p
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    5 important things happening in South Africa today

    So just another day in SA. :thumbsup:
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    Bitcoin Thread

    Price you see is 15 minutes delayed.
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    Your Private Banking Experience

    I applied for the young professional account. It says you need a degree but if you have the salary and work experience, they'll forego that requirement.