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    Svchost.exe Infected

    Hi guys, I know that svchost.exe is a very important windows system file that cannot be removed. And if that file is to be infected with a virus it can't be cleaned, moved or deleted. Is there any alternative way that I can clean this file or get a fix? Help will be greatly appreciated.
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    N81 MMS Backup

    Hey guys. I have a Nokia N81 and I've decided to do a software upgrade or just a reinstall of my software because something isn't right.. I believe its a virus or something. Installed F-secure but it don't detect anything. Anyways my problem lies with backing up my stuff. Everything works...
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    Logitech Momo(and others)

    Hi guys i noticed in the difficult choices thread that you guys were talking bout steering wheels and I thought I'd make a thread for my Logitech(notice I added the "and others" part to not be cruel) So I have the Logitech Momo Racing Force, and I think my setup is a bit crap though, my desk...
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    DS Repairs

    Hey guys I need help! My DS' top screen is giving me some problems... It makes some garbage you have to move it a bit to the just right position to get it clear... anybody know if i can fix this? and where?
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    Guess each others age: Lame rival to Boodles' Game

    Ok here's a (as mentioned above)Lame rival for the game of Boodles. try to guess each others Age... I believe some of the female posters(and some males:D) might not approve... but hey... cant satify everybody... Just adding some(unessesary) fun to the MyAdsl forums(and getting to my...
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    "crazy" "clever" "cute"

    Can anybody just tell me WTF this is all about? I've seen it on a (empty)buildings windows, but there's no name. Also seen just the word "CLEVER", nothing else, on a billboard. and the i saw the word "CUTE" on another. its killing my curiosity.... anybody know what it is or seen it before?
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    !The PC GAMERZ Thread!

    Hey whatsup guys This here isnt another PC vs Console thing. I just thought that there isnt actually a place PC gamers and enthusiasts can talk about stuff regarding PC gaming, problems, rating, etc.... So here i present !The PC GAMERZ Thread! *insert cheer here* hopefully this will...
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    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    First off, kill me if I'm posting in the wrong place... or just move it.... Now to the point. I watched the first episode of the new Terminator series... So far it looks like its gonna be a cool series... though it looks like its going to be a one season only thing. anybody agree on...
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    Mitsubishi Lan Evo

    Hey Guys i'm just looking for fellow LanEvo lovers i don't own one but damn its definitly on my list I would go for the Evo IX or Evo X depending on which one i find more attartive at that time. I'm more for the Evo IX at the moment but the Evo X is also starting to look better and better...