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    CR2 file?

    Raw should not be capitalized.
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    So Mweb charges more for capped fibre than uncapped fibre?????

    Eh? I used to have a 384k uncapped line with them which was later upgraded to 1Mbps and then 2Mbps. When on 2Mbps I used to pull 150-280GB per month without issues.
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    Isn’t it a legal requirement in some places that ALL loads on a flatbed need to be strapped down? It’s a legal issue, not a logical one.
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    How to put off a sponger - advice needed

    If you still have work for him to do, maybe tell him you’ll give him half the amount you’d normally pay for each job and the other half can start paying back the debt?
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    Gmail makeover comes to Android

    Uh, why does the article title single out Android? I got this update yesterday as well.
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    Cell C customer charged R14,000 for 14GB

    I have my Cell C data usage capped at R 1.00. Never had an issue. Whenever my first bundle of the month is finished I get the following SMS: Hi -you have reached your data limit R 1.If you want to increase this limit please contact 135.Cell C .
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    If you had to win R5 million in the lotto, what would be the wise thing to do with it?

    I’d clear all debt, get a few essentials for the next few years, put the rest away and continue life as normal. I don’t think anyone other than my fiancé will even know I won anything.
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    No, I’m taking injuries. If you land on the camera, the entire force of the impact is concentrated onto one spot. From the videos I’m seen a helmet has no problem absorbing the impact when it’s spread out, like a wall or the ground, but a concentrated force can puncture the helmet.
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    About helmet cams. Are they not a risk in case of coming off? Eg you hit your head against the camera/mount.
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    Will an SSD make a difference on my office donkey?

    This was true in the early days before proper TRIM, garbage collection and wear leveling, but I’d debate it today. My Intel SSD has had a 32 GB page file for more than five years and health is still at 99% with no reallocated sectors.
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    Man, 23, dies after falling off cable car at Durban beachfront

    I didn’t call it unsafe. I called it effing terrifying.
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    Man, 23, dies after falling off cable car at Durban beachfront

    That thing doesn’t go down very far at all. I have high doubts it will keep you in place.
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    Man, 23, dies after falling off cable car at Durban beachfront

    I was on it last year. I’m not afraid of heights but never afuckinggain.
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    The Truth Shall Land You In Jail

    HER children? Are you assuming gender?
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    Granted, but it’s a Freaky Friday and now you have to shag your mom. I wish I never posted that.
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    'Who steals Chappies after buying groceries?': Shopper who 'forgot' to pay for gum spends hours in jail

    That’s crazy. My six year old step daughter decided to sample some sweets from a sweet shop that sells by weight - I made her apologize to the store keeper (an older guy) and offered to pay for what she took but he handled it well and gave her another to sample.
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    What would you invest in with 50k a month?

    Invest in me. Guaranteed -100% returns!
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    [Germany] Top surgeon who caused death of woman by putting cocaine on penis before sex jailed

    BLOW. Ahahahahaha! I can’t be the only one to have gotten that?
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    "Januworry"- How's your finances doing?

    Just another 1732 days left of Jan. Kids born on New Year are already going to Grade 3. I’ve got this.
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    Please vote for my little one?

    Hey guys, if you could spare a minute could you please cast a vote or two? You can vote up to ten times per day with a single email address.