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  1. schuits

    IP Infrared Bullet Cameras x 2

    --removed-- (can't find the delete button)
  2. schuits

    Tactical Distributors

    Has anyone dealt with them? I see they have 2 physical shops so I felt safe with them. Ordered some stuff online, and it's just been sitting there with 1 item on backorder. I mailed them, but they don't respond. Then I checked Hello Peter and it seems they have scammed people out of money before.
  3. schuits

    Fortnite: Raging teenager

    So my teenage son is addicted to fortnite. Fine, I guess, I play games too. The problem is he's constantly shouting at the computer and his friends, like way too loud. The SO and I are getting tired of reprimanding him. So I'm writing a system app that will monitor the microphone input levels...