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    Woo Hoo!!! I'm seriously likeable!

    Check it out ...
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    Trivial news media going to far.

    Okay right off the bat ... I'm not offended or touched on any emotional level by the following story. It can happen or not happen, I really don't mind. And I also don't mind being told about it. I merely think that coverage of this type of incident is UNNECESSARY. Why would the general...
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    Scrawny dude tries to rob a female UFC fighter She's hot! I hope she didn't get the HI Virus from possible small cuts on her hands. The guy after.
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    Sad medical dilemma for my uncle.

    The aim of this thread isn't to criticise or to put blame. It's just a reflection on the fact that sometimes, even with modern medicine, it sometimes happen that doctors can quite literally do nothing. I'm saying this with the utmost respect for the doctors involved. I too am certain that I...
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    Please recommend me a cocktail for a Safari dinner

    I've been assigned the job of making cocktails for about 10-12 people for tomorrow evening. We start at my house and then we move on for starters to someone else's house ... and so on. Have you got some cool recipes? Yes, I am consulting google as well but I just want to know if there are some...
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    What's your opinion about generic colour toner cartridges?

    I'm looking for prices for a HP Enterprise 553 [508A CF360A (black) 361A, 362A, 363A (colours)] The originals are quite expensive. Between R2800-R3000 for the black and between R3500-R3800 for each of the colour cart. They do have a 5000 page yield though. I'm considering going for generic...
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    Have you received any tax refunds this year?

    With SARS e-filing tax returns that ended yesterday, did any one receive a refund or have you had to pay in?
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    $1.5 billion dollars was won in the US lottery. My question: what would you do with $1.5 billion x 14.6 to get to R21 900 000 000 (R21.9 billion) Before anyone says,but that is America and the value of money is different or that such an amount of money would...
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    Network installation + hardware wanted from a Cape Town company

    I'm looking for a company that can supply my business with a quotation for 10 laptops, 10 Data projectors, 10 speakers (in the 30 - 40 Watt range), 10 HDMI cables, installation of hardware and network installation. And the site is about 180km north of Cape Town.
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    A shooting in America at a software company Office Space anyone???