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  1. Hemps

    declipping albums

    So been looking to get the best dynamic range version of Albums to make sure I have the best sounding music collection available. Apparently the Japan releases pre-94 have the best dynamic range to defeat the loudness wars. Most if not all Remasters released on iTunes/Deezer etc hurt my ears...
  2. Hemps

    What paid streaming services are you currently using?

    I know there are many free streaming services out there but quality is an issue and they often just vanish. So looking at paid service, I trialed iptv many times but live TV sucks with way too many ads and buffering On demand is so much better, what service do you guys recommend that most...
  3. Hemps

    Kids books for iPad?

    So my eldest son 7 came and asked me if I would put books for him to read on his iPad, he saw an advert. Open app store and see Amazon unlimited and Kindle, Epic etc all subscription services $8 to $10 pm. Any cheaper alternatives?
  4. Hemps

    Proxmox update/upgrade query

    So we running a really old Proxmox V3.1-21 with multiple VM's Always a mission even with IE to view the console, it's also slow and often just doesn't work well The later versions work wonders. What would it take to upgrade or update everything? Guessing it's a moerse schlep
  5. Hemps

    Dell laptop starts then doesn't start again after shutdown

    So I have a Dell Vostro 15 3000 series. Checked and reset all components, ram, hdd and cmos battery, the thing boots fine, choose cmos defaults. Shut laptop down it refuses to boot again. Remove cmos battery and add it again, the thing boots once more. I have since tried 3 new batteries but...
  6. Hemps

    Was trimming bush and cut the internet cable outside, anyway to join it again?

    Sigh... Was trimming bush and cut the internet cable outside, anyway to join it again until telkom comes? It's black cable with 4 lines inside.
  7. Hemps

    Where can I buy kids go kart tyres in SA?

    My kid has wooden go kart with hard non air tyres on it so it's fairly uncomfortable, non-motorised. I'm looking for something like these to upgrade the hard tyres currently on it. Ideas where I can buy in SA, all...
  8. Hemps

    Need BT FM transmitter, which one?

    So we would like to be able to play music from iPhone to Nissan NP300 radio, no aux or BT. So was looking at these FM transmitter devices BUT there are so many. Any advice, currently looking at this one -...
  9. Hemps

    R631m tender toilets collapse