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  1. cantankerous

    Please Rate your ISP (Other - If your ISP is not listed individually)

    ISP: Web Squad Rate: Excellent What they do well: Passionate bunch. Speed has always been great - Always get what they say on the box. Streaming always works well - even Twitch at 1080p! Service has been great, not that I've really needed help. Service delivery was great, from order...
  2. cantankerous

    Web Squad ISP

    Sure (wingnut, whoever you are, crikey this is some work): All in, pretty impressed with the results. Don't care for uploads (besides maybe wetransfer)- my Google Drive and OneDrive are very snappy though (any way to measure those?) Local: London: New York: Bandwidthplace...
  3. cantankerous

    Web Squad ISP

    I'm with Websquad on their 200/200 Mbps package on Vumatel trenched. No problems or complaints. No buffering on Netflix, Showmax and Youtube. International's been great too (i think) - twitch runs at 1080p60 no problem. Their support was great in getting me set up on a Mikrotik router with a...
  4. cantankerous

    FIP's, ISP's and the costs that go with getting FTTH

    This isn't a bad idea - but you're getting into an extremely competitive and expensive landscape. None of those so called free things are free; the ISPs that give you a "free installation," that's R1725 they're going to get back from you, the "Free activation," that's a R1009 cost that they...
  5. cantankerous

    200mb Fibre for 8 people

    200 Mbps between two of us. Peak will see both of us streaming HD and browsing devices. UniFi Controller is telling me we've averaged 10 Mbps max over the past two weeks. You'll be fine with 200 Mbps.
  6. cantankerous

    I'm confused and need some advice please ( Vumatel Fibre )

    @LOTR got the order process right. Rather order directly through Vuma. I'm with Web Squad. Got a 200/200 - no problems at all. Support has been great- detailed technical answers when you ask. Instead of taking their free router, I got a discounted upgrade to a Ubiquity USG from them and running...
  7. cantankerous

    Nuclear engineering in South Africa?

    I started this course in '09 under Prof. Rodrigues and team. Honestly the most interesting thing I ever did- however, I changed over to a BCom after my second year when I realised it wasn't for me. Without regret, I would do those two years again. Here are a couple pointers: Don't do this...
  8. cantankerous

    2017 Mazda CX-5 (Gen 2)

    For Joburgers, I was quoted R2200 By Mazda Woodmead including install. Getting mine done tomorrow. Will be happy to answer questions.
  9. cantankerous

    Dell AIO PC has one green RAM chip and one Blue. Customer says its new.

    Does it matter? Test with the 4GB DIMM (Chances are it shipped with that). No crashes, it's the 8GB. If it crashes, it's the 4GB.
  10. cantankerous

    Speedtest results and why they differ ?

    Google speedtest also isn't a good indicator - those are hosted at teraco Isando. Most of the international content you're trying to access is probably hosted in South Africa now. The problem is that a few ISPs don't really take the time to establish proper peering relationships as well as...
  11. cantankerous

    Any feedback regarding Interworks Fibre??

    Free installation? at that price? going to go the way of one or two ISPs that did that and went belly up. Leave you owing the money to Vumatel. Remember, nothing is free. So something has to give if these guys think they can give it to you at almost R130 / month cheaper than everyone else. I'd...
  12. cantankerous

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Let's consider something here. Streaming services like Youtube and Netflix all deliver content in multithread streams - even though their CDNs are located as close to clients as possible (eliminating TCP latency issues)... If you want realtime streaming, multithread TCP is the only way to make...
  13. cantankerous

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Single thread/multi thread is an indication that your equipment may be to blame. Depending on your shield's TCP buffer size (most devices are standard at 64KB), your issue might lie there...
  14. cantankerous

    cell c fibre ping around 190-210 now when playing games on eu servers

    Ping from where to where? 250ms Joburg to Cape Town is a problem. 250ms to somewhere in the US or Asia, not so much.
  15. cantankerous

    .NET Core 2.1 Hosting

    Check out Web SQuad. They have windows hosting too.
  16. cantankerous

    Vodacom charging cancellation fee on a month to month contract

    Nothing is free. Keep that in mind here. Did you read the Ts and Cs? While you’re on month to month, nothing stops an operator from claiming back their costs. And this is the real cost for a provider to sign you up. If it was in your Ts and Cs, you’ll need to pay it. @marine1 ICASA doesn’t...
  17. cantankerous

    Ebucks store unfair handling of sale agreement

    Thin line here. They knowingly shipped the wrong item. They didn’t contact the client when they realised the mistake and tell him. They invoiced and accepted payment for an item and delivered something else. They then used an excuse after the fact. Fraud is broadly defined by a) intentionally...
  18. cantankerous

    Wifi for customers on vehicles

    Vodacom 20GB = R999... That lasts about 1 day in a tourist environment. Just leave the WiFi off entirely.
  19. cantankerous

    Considering Axxess Premium Uncapped

    They're still on the same network they've been on for year - Echotel.. Echotel recently switched over to Liquid Telecom entirely. But definitely no IS in there.