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    Jackson Mthembu’s daughter commits suicide

    Damn. Sorry to hear. Condolences to the family. RIP
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    My wife wants to divorce me

    No loads shed in the shed, during loadshedding. Ek's Nie kom ...
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    Credit rating when emigrating

    Whaaaaaat .... I'm in NC. Which part you moving to ? CGuy and the rest of the guys advise is pretty much spot on. The worst thing about moving to a new country is you lose all that great finance history as well as your insurance history. So you will be starting out from scratch. I just...
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    Huge jump in South Africans looking to emigrate – and load shedding isn’t helping

    These sort of topics tend to generate the most interest/hits, so it must be good for advertising I guess. Same can be said for all the doom and gloom in the news papers. But the truth of the matter, is there is allot going on right now that makes it gloomy. With that said, its also not...
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    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    I just got wind of this now. Seen the shortened fb video and it is sickening. OMG Truly awful human being, if you can even call them that. My condolences goes out to those who lost their lives and their families.
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    Samsung Galaxy S8

    I love my S8. It's 2 years old and I just got pie so it still feels new. Best part about it is the size. All the newer phones are wider than I would like. So I'll be sticking with it for a while now.
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    "Power of Woolies water" - Video gets stores attention.

    I found it amusing. I think they got away with it as they poke fun at both black and white accents. I laffed at photosynthesis ... whahaha
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    Men who knit

    I recently lost a bit of weight, so I am back to using my slim fitted shirts. However, I wanted to tailor my older shirts that fit me like tents. So I bought a second hand sewing machine, and thought I would teach myself how to tailor them for a more slim fit. (I'm still learning, so I have not...
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    How much petrol attendants earn in South Africa – and how much you tip them

    Back home I used to tip whenever I had cash. Generally 5 bux. They always seem grateful. I was genuinely apologetic when I did not have any cash, and I was never met with any sort of animosity/entitlement. These people earn peanuts and a little tip is generally not a big deal to most, but it...
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    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Second this. Regardless of the pie update, my phone is still working perfectly fine. I love the compact feel of this phone VS the other bulky upgrades available. The screen to body ratio is good so not too much of a compromise. I just recently started using google pay and Samsung pay and it's...
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    Selfish father-in-law

    OP - Have you been to Canada? and to the city you planning to stay in? Has your wife? Canada is a big country with very extreme weather patterns. I would highly recommend going over and spending a bit of time in a country that you plan to spend the rest of your life in. Her father's reaction...
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    Bunny Chow pictures

    I can smell that from the USA. :crying:
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    Did you lose your wedding ring at Nauty40 escort agency?

    More snippets for those who get dodgy DNS errors. please. This sounds hilarious.
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    Buying used car - dealer fees

    If you buying cash, you really should be looking at a private sale. You will be able to negotiate a better deal, because you have cash. For what its worth, you will get 110k - 120k value vs paying 100k and getting 90k value from the dealer. Dealers make money on finance and on the road fees...
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    My 1st another SUV thread...

    CRV is a good option, Santa Fe is good. The Outlander has the CVT gearbox which worries me. Not sure how reliable they are in the Outlander, but overall CVT does not have a good rep. RAV4 is a good option as well. Expect to pay top dollar for Toyota and Honda, you would probably get the best...
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    My friend made a move on my wife

    Oh yes, forgot that detail. We never got on with her. So we haven't spoken to her in about a year. My SO and her just never clicked. I always remained neutral, however this was the tipping point for me. So we have cut all ties with her. BIL is still married to her. and is trying to "work things...
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    My friend made a move on my wife

    We went through something similar a while back. My best mate made a move on my BIL's wife. She reciprocated. It was all text messages, however, to me the texts showed intent which is still bad. We cut all ties with him. He wasn't just my best mate, he was like a member of the family. Part of...
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    KZN women implicated in MSC Cruises drug raid

    You right I don't know for sure. I have sort legal counsel and would like to retract the above statement in line with Penal code (118PC) :)
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    KZN women implicated in MSC Cruises drug raid

    What a waste of youth. The temptation is far to great for some but it really saddens me when people take the easy route to riches. I've been watching Locked abroad / Border security and most of these drug mules are eventually caught, and waste away in prison whilst in their prime.