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  1. CodeMaster

    Looking for a web developer.

    Hey guys, I am trying to hep my sister-in-law out. She is looking for a web developer to help design a dynamic e-commerce website for selling electronic goods, I believe some new and some second-hand. It need to be designed so that the content management can be easily done by someone with...
  2. CodeMaster

    Google WC2010 easter egg :D

    Just received an email about this now - nice touch Google :) Search for "world cup", and instead of the usual Goooooooogle, it is now Gooooooooal!
  3. CodeMaster

    Fathers Day gift ideas?

    OK, Fathers Day is this coming Sunday 15th June. Lets use this thread to come up with gift ideas. I for one always battle to come up with original ideas for my dad, and always use the excuse that he has everything. These are some of my ideas of things he might ACTUALLY use ! 1...