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    Pool light full of water

    Hi all I have a pool light, that is full of water. Has been since installation, and full of algae. It's an Eartheco light, seems to just pull out of the housing. Today I pulled it out (after turning off the electricity), cleaned it and put it back. However, the whole thing is full of water. Is...
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    Advice on Defy Gemini multifunction oven

    Whilst adjusting the door on my oven, I didn't realise that loosening the screws too much would release the backing plate that the screws go into (turns out it's unnecessary to loosen one of them at all -but it's done now). The backing plate fell down behind the frame, which seems to be fixed...
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    Help with calendar entries

    Hi all I added my wife's's account to my phone (P30 pro). It sync'd her contacts to it, and then added those contact's birthdays to my calendar. I then deleted the account, and all those contact's were deleted. However, the birthdays are STILL on the calendar, and I can't delete them. If I long...
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    Issues with Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

    Hi guys Please can anyone tell me if they are also having issues with the Netflix App on Samsung Smart TVs after the 1116 firmware update? I have an F6800, and my dad an F4500. Both of them are having the same issue. (The TVs regions are set to US, to allow access to to Netflix, Hulu etc)...