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    Rietfontein Fibre Group

    Hi Guys - Posting for a friend :P He just started the FB group "Rietfontein Fibre Group" Please go and join if you in the area, they trying to start a community and get fibre to the area.
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    AirBnB Management Company - For Sale

    HI all Posting on behalf of my gf - not sure if we can list businesses (the "Read First" doesn't seem to say no) Short-Term Rental Property Management Agency For Sale - Cape Town Short-term rental property management agency with a 3-year track record, good reputation and loyal client base...
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    VueJS / ReactJS / Angularjs / Angular 2+ Show of hands

    HI Guys I was wondering how the s.a web dev community is made up in terms of javascript frameworks.. Of course each has their pro's and cons but was wondering what the s.a community currently prefers ? I was/is a strong Angularjs1 guy now leaning towards VueJs
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    ISPAfrika - Good Job !!!

    I thought I will just give a shout out to Garth and ISPAfrika ! In less than a week they got me sorted with fibre ! In contrast to webAfrica who after now 7 weeks said i don't have fibre in my complex ! Well done guys ! After dealing with a few of the ISPs you guys were really really good...
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    Webafrica Fibre - Horrid Installation Experience.

    Webafrica Fibre - Installation Experience. Yo after waiting almost two months for my my WebAfrica fibre to be installed and numerous emails/calls they come back to me stating that "There are no fibre available in my complex according to OpenServe..." This took them more than 6 weeks to...
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    Fibre Providers and their routers ?

    HI All Was wondering what sort of modem you get with the different fibre providers - when they say "free router" ?? Are they all D-Links/TPLink ?
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    FibreTiger - MysterySurfers - What do you think ?

    HI Guys I hope this is not seen as spam ! Since we moved to completely free listings and are not making any money of the site not even ads ! Biggest question I see is "Which isp ?","Who should I choose on network xyz" etc... Reviews are great but they seldom tell the whole story I think...