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    Bad Parking Pictures

    Ballito Junction Mall. The yellow crosses are spaces designated for vet customers only. There is a huge sign in front of each space saying so. These folks weren’t. Took their sweet time to offload their passengers before realising they have to move. Security watched the whole thing and did zero...
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    Aramex global shopper

    Just wondering if you eventually received your order from Thinking of using them via AGS as well.
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    Mweb Fibre

    I'm considering signing up with them as well but I'm concerned about their FUP. Had them years ago with ADSL and their FUP was ridiculous. Afrihost has been awesome with ADSL, but don't offer Fibre in my area. How has your service been thus far? Also what package are you on?
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    Afrihost Pure DSL
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    Afrihost Pure DSL

    They're having issues with Telkom. And it's the same story repeatedly as on other forums.. Openserve have removed all products from the coverage map and Afrihost also get a response that there is no service in the area. I have been waiting for a line speed upgrade since the 18th of May, before...
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2
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    iPhone 9 / SE 2 South African Release Date & Price

    He’s a scammer of note and he leap frogged most other tech related channels because of it. The truck full of iPhone 6s’ giveaway in 2015 was amongst his biggest scams that later disappeared and he ended up giving maybe 50 away. Also been involved in fake giveaways with DBrand (I suspect he holds...
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    Dunkirk poor picture quality at IMAX Gateway - Ster Kinekor

    Has anyone else experienced sharp ads and trailers but the movie itself seems out of focus? Brilliant movie ruined by Ster Kinekor once again.:mad: