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    Thoughts on the Haval Jolion

    Saw the new Jolion on the road and it looks quite nice. Also seems pretty well priced compared to other vehicles in the same class.
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    Thoughts on the Plexus radiator brand?

    Hi guys, I noticed a puddle of water under my car the other day and seems like the radiator is leaking. Been calling around for a new radiator and seems like most shops are stocking the Plexus brand of radiators. Is it any good or just a cheap radiator?
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    Is the Skyworth TB7000 series any good?

    Hey guys, so I'm looking at getting a TV and the Skyworth TB7000 40 inch is looking like a good option. My budget is between 4k-5k and the Skyworth TVs really do look like the best bang for buck. I've seen some Hisenses going for around that price but the android TV on Skyworth is making it an...
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    Telkom DSL Lite throttling 6pm to 11pm

    I read on the Telkom site that for the DSL lite there is throttling from 18:00 to 23:00 Got this from the product page. "Uncapped Internet with NO FUP threshold (throttling will be applied during 18:00 and 23:00 - peak times) Refer to AUP T’s and C’s." Anyone with the DSL lite experienced this?
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    Unable to cancel sim

    Hey guys, I am unable to cancel the sim on my Rain dashboard. Ordered a sim just to try it out but their network is terrible. When I click on "cancel sim" under the dashboard nothing happens. The page disappears when I click on yes. I sent a few emails to rain support without getting back...
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    Starting to doubt Vox

    I am starting to think twice about moving to Vox. I currently have ADSL with Openweb and saw the prices of Vox which made me think of changing. I wanted to get the 1mbps with the line. I left my email address and contact details last week and all I got was one reply asking when they can call. I...