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    Vumatel & 2nd line same address (ie. flatlet/office and house)

    Good day, What is or isn't allowed by Vumatel for more than one fibre link on the same premises? Busy looking at places, and the idea would be to have a fibre link for the house and the rental separate, but have heard some conflicting answers like, it was said to be the case,but not actually...
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    Vumatel CapeTown Speedtest "slow"

    Hi there, testing my "ISP handover" speeds on Vumatel's CapeTown server, it's consistently (on 2 different lines, different ISPs) shows 70/100 for a 100/100 line, but testing to eg Cybersmart, I do get the 100/100...
  3. M - Which does *local* (<50ms) connectivity?

    Good day, So Vumatel is rolling out in my region, and I've been checking this situation with!probes after I've had fall outs with VoX that doesn't want to route locally to (only via London... it's a management decision... been...
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    DNS of contact (Trouble with emails from Google )

    Hi there, ANybody around here knows how to get in touch with a DNS administrator? (and not via email addresses :D ) Reason, there have been, since last week, a situation where most of the times's MX records doesn't resolve via Google's DNS (at...
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    Crystalweb Hybrid@work misadvertisement (all capped, not capped/uncapped hybrid)

    Hi there, Look at Crystalweb's website, up till today (2017/05/30 09:50), the website stated: <quote> ONLY AVAILABLE FROM CRYSTAL WEB - HYBRID BROADBAND. Hybrid Broadband is a unique offering from Crystal Web that provides you with capped premium data between 08h00 and 18:00 and...
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    IPv6 on Mobile 3G/LTE/etc. ?

    Hi there, As OVH got hit by a RIPE IPv4 shortage since Dec 2016, I'll need to start preparing my clients for IPv6 to these/their services, and the question inadvertently come up: Which Mobile providers are provisioning IPv6 for their 3g/LTE/etc. devices?
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    In need of HTTPS (fast) account (Axxess capped too slow) :cry:

    Hi there, I'm looking for an ADSL ISP that have a very nice speed NOT using Axxess/Afrihost/MTN while they have their ADSL bandwidth troubles. I'm using git/docker/etc. from my home, and the HTTPS pulls are so excruciatingly slow :cry: ... so slow, that I'll no be able to use up my...
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    SAPO's "Trust Centre"

    SO, I had a discussion with my daughter about life, security and PKIs and that we are suppose to have a PKI run by SAPO for our country... Logical direction: go and find that CA and see what they do for our country, given the ECT act...