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    Rain Speed and Stability issues after load shedding

    Hi guys, I am currently experiencing terrible speed and reliability issues. It has been some time that I have had to complain about the quality of service so i thought it best to check if i am the only one effected. My current speed fluctuates between 95mb and 140mb. Ping is around 35ms. Your...
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    Rain High Ping

    Hi Guys, I recently noticed a increase in upload speed from 50mb to 70mb. On the downside my ping has increased from 11ms to 34ms. The increase in ping is what concerns me as i do utilize the line for online gaming. I just wanted to confirm if this has been a blanket roll-out which has...
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    PS4 - FIFA20 - Rain 5G Mini League

    Evening All, With the current lockdown in progress I have turned to one of my hobbies to keep me occupied. The purpose of the thread is to determine the following. 1. Playing FIFA 20 on Rain 5G Good/Bad My current experience is that most of my international games play better than the local...
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    Telkom Smart Broadband Wireless Uncapped

    Name : Telkom Smart Broadband Wireless Uncapped Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Moved to Rain 5G Price: Transfer of Month to Month Plan Negotiable: no Location: Linmeyer / Southhills Hi All the above mentioned Plan is up for grabs for any person within Guateng...
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    Telkom Moved me off Original lte onto Smart broadband 3 with no notice

    Hi all, I just found out I was moved onto a package with a lower threshold than my original plan which would only throttle my use after I went over 300gb. I want to know if any of you have experienced this ?