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    Voltage Problem

    Ok I understand, so if the voltage goes over 253v then I need to contact the municipality. First the kitchen light burned out and just a few moments ago the room light was flickering. The circuit breaker I installed is 50A and works with eWeLink app, so I think the reading is accurate.

    Voltage Problem

    Hi I recently added a wifi circuit breaker to my gesyer to monitor the power usage, it's been on about 20 days now. When I first connected the wifi circuit breaker the voltage was about 233v. Over the past couple of days the voltage has risen to 246v, today it even went as high as 250.53v...

    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Hi Guys I just dropped my Xiaomi Mi 6, only the case got damaged a little but I noticed that the phone is responding slower then normal. When I unlock the phone with my fingerprint and when I open apps it takes longer. I would like to know if I reinstalled the software will it fix this issue...

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    Hi I'm interested in investing in Dogecoin, basically I don't know anything about cryptocurrency and I want to know the easiest way to buy Dogecoin here in South Africa. I want to know which cryptocurrency exchange is trustworthy. Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Article 3 Seagate Expansion Card Thanks to the card’s seamless integration with Xbox Velocity Architecture, you will get the same fast loading speeds and can still use the Quick Resume feature to jump between titles within seconds.
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    Article 2 Seagate One Touch Portable The One Touch HDD also offers an array of software which makes it easy to back up all your important files.
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    Article 1 Seagate Expansion Ultra Portable SSD File transfers can go up to 400MB/s when used with a compatible USB 3.0 port. This means you can copy gigabytes of files in mere seconds.
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    My MTNChoice 130GB

    Hi I just want to find out if any of you have taken this contract My MTNChoice 130GB: 100GB Anytime Data 30GB Night Express 20GB Home bundle If you could please answer these questions: 1)How much can you data share from the 100GB Anytime Data? 2)If you cancel the contract early what's the...