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    Discovery Vitality 2021

    Has anyone bought anything Healthy Gear this year yet? Discovery website says they’ve moved on from Healthy Gear to “Vitality Active Gear” but my app is still showing the old Healthy Gear rewards etc. Am I missing something. Can’t find what they mean on attached image. Or is it just not...
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    Apple Official Preowned Prices?

    Has anyone been to the Apple Factory store in Gauteng or the preowned section at the new store in Cape Town? Are the prices worth making a swing past? Looking at iPads and iPad Pro’s.
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    Heart problems.

    I’ve just had an ablation procedure done to correct a tachycardia (palpitations) problem. The service and care from our doctors and hospitals was amazing. What was lacking was easily finding info from South African sources online etc. most info in any self research came from overseas. But...
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    That’s what I figured sadly :)
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Does anyone know of a public space to suggest devices etc for Vitality? Have you guys heard of Whoop Fitness at all? Looks like a such a good product and the kind of data that Discovery would probably want from its clients as well. Works on a subscription service and all in Dollars/Euros so a...
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Anyone struggling with the healthy food showing up? Ordered mine through pick n pay and it arrived almost 10 days ago. Still no reflection on app?