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  1. Xander8807

    AMD Wraith Prism RGB Cooler

    Clearing out some items, have this cooler up for grabs. Item: AMD Wraith Prism RGB Cooler Age: about 1Y Price: R 450 Payment Method Accepted: EFT, CASH, GEOPAY Warranty: 7 days on me, not sure about manufacturers warrantee Packaging: Will bubblewrap if needed Condition: excellent, has been...
  2. Xander8807

    Huawei Mate 9 Space Grey 4Gb RAM, 64Gb Space+Cover

    Please PM me if interested, right to ignore low balling and silly offers, Pics can be provided on whatsapp, and more than welcome to test before deal is concluded Item: Huawei Mate 9 Space Grey Contract/Cash: Cash Age: 2.5y Price: 2500 Payment Method Accepted: EFT, GEOpay Warranty: 7 Days on me...
  3. Xander8807

    Coolermaster Masterfan MF122R RGB (LED Ring Design) x4 + 3 way Splitter and Control Box

    Hey Guys The fans are immaculate condition, no bearing noise at all, still balanced perfectly. All LEDs working 100%. Item: CM Masterfan MF122R RGB (4 Fans), 3 Way Fan power splitter, Control box powered by Molex Connector. Age: seems to be quite new, lets say under a year. Price: On hold till...
  4. Xander8807

    Battlefield 4, 4 Free Downloads (If you have BF4 on Origin)

    hey guys, not sure if anyone has mentioned this on here, but BF4 has 4 Downloads for free on Origin if you have BF4 base pack. China Rising: Community Operations DLC...
  5. Xander8807

    Alienware 17R5 Perfect Condition w Warantee 2022+Vindicator Bag+Fanpad

    So gauging a feeler here, would wanna move over to the Desktop Platform. Have my Precious Lappy to swop for similar value/similar generation specced machine. The offer does not have to include a Screen in the bundle, but will be most appreciated as i will look at the current 2nd hand value of...
  6. Xander8807

    MyBB HoN Thread

    Yellow..... So lets see how many peeps are playing HoN....... Me numero UNO... Username is Drag0nFire, Drag0nBlade and pHaTcArTmAn....
  7. Xander8807

    New Online PC Hardware shop

    Good Day Guys. I am busy creating the webpage for my Online PC shop where we focus on Gaming gear for PC, and also other Hardware. What would you as the clients want to see on the site, what options etc. Currently we have free shipping offer (included in the Price) also the prices are...
  8. Xander8807

    Pretoria Area LAN (GP region)

    Good Day guys. Please can you post if you are interested in joining PTA LAN'ning where there will be prizes for winners etc. estimated ppl is 150 for begin entry is R 100. The sponsors are as follows: PCFormat NAG Razer CITD so guys there will be prizes that are worth it. i want to start...
  9. Xander8807

    Razer owners Thread

    Hello to fellow Razer Cult family.... Here you can post your favorite gaming accesories :D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. Xander8807

    Mweb Downtime in Moreleta Park, Pretoria

    Anyone else having connectivity issues in Moreleta park? I have been offline for the past day and half. did all tests first Mweb tells me router is broken, connect up another one same thing, now its a telkom fault, getting sick of the downtime past month has been more than 6 times i was down...
  11. Xander8807

    Telkom Website URLS

    Howsit guys Hopefully anyone can help here, i used to know the telkom sites url's for the different parts of it, the one in question is the problem sites that they list eg.\problems that one doesn't work btw, does anyone know and can anyone help me to get the correct link to...