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    Where to purchase WRT54G

    Where can I purchase one of these knowing that I would be able to load custom firmware on the device? I would prefer a new device from reputable supplier, but will settle for anything else in Cape Town area. Thanks in advance.
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    OpenWRT on Telkom (Billion) 5102G

    As the title says, problem being that I cannot find any compatibility info on the router. nmap doesn't give me consistent results: PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 21/tcp open ftp? 23/tcp open telnet? 80/tcp open http Embedded Allegro RomPager webserver 4.07 UPnP/1.0 (ZyXEL ZyWALL 2)...
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    Local distributed squid cluster

    Here is the idea.... Everyone willing to participate, opens up their squid for cache queries (on local bandwidth), not allowing requests to be forwarded. Not sure about the terminology... but (I think) you configure the other caches as peers and not parents/children. When you browse, your cache...
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    Why logging in as root is a bad idea

    I've been a Linux user for years and I never log in to a window manager using the root account. However, when I ssh into a machine, I normally want to do admin that requires root privileges, so I normally log in as my user and sudo su root, so that I don't have to sudo... the whole time. Last...
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    POSIX Programming Course

    Does anyone know of any POSIX programming courses? Preferably in Cape Town.
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    Neotel Latency

    What kind of latency can I expect on Neotel to local and international servers? Anybody using Neotel for gaming? What games do you play on which servers?
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    F1 - Glock, Hamilton and the Championship

    I expected Hamilton would be world champion, but I didn't expect it would be that close. I still want to see a replay of that pass. It is hard to believe that Glock with dry tires on a drying track suddenly lost traction in the final corner (on the dry racing line), almost bringing him to a...
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    Uniforum Hell

    How was Uniforum put in charge of the domain? Is there some type of election or review process that can be used to get someone else to handle the domain registrations? Or to force them to update their ancient process? Have they not heard of forms or CGI. Perhaps even something like...
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    Gigabyte files infected with trojan

    I downloaded a BIOS upgrade ( from the Gigabyte site that was infected with a trojan. ClamWin report: C:\Downloads\Drivers\Gigabyte K8N-SLI\motherboard_bios_ga-k8n-sli_f9.exe: Trojan.Agent-19508 FOUND...
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    Database Error

    For about 10 minutes whenever I accessed a forum page, I received a "The database has encountered a problem." error page.
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    Reporting SPAM

    I usually report SPAM to the ISP from which it originated. Especially local SPAM. Usually, I don't receive any replies. This morning I sent an email to MWEB Business and to Hetzner. They both replied with proper responses, thanking me for informing them. Lets hope they take action against...
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    iBurst Abuse Email (out of office)

    It seems the person handling the iBurst abuse emails is out of office: Spammers, start your engines...
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    Telkom drops ADSL, data prices further

    Telkom drops ADSL, data prices further I bet this is in response to Neotel's offering. See, everyone can benefit from Neotel, even if you don't have coverage:D
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    Your Help Needed - Fight Against Aids and Global Warming

    If you are a member of World Community Grid, please join the MyADSL Team! It is quite lonely being the only member :( If you run the BOINC client, the Team ID is: 17388. If you are not a member, please sign up, download the client and join the team! It is free and for a good cause. How it...