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    R99 for 500MB??? eish!!

    Yesterday i've recharged with a R99 Freeme 800mb bundle at 13h00, but received only 500mb. What's the problem??
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    Wanted: Anet A8 3d printer motherboard.

    Anet A8 3d printer motherboard V1.0 Is packaging essential?: YES Desired age and condition: Any age as long as it is V1.0 and working 100% Location: Postmasburg N/Cape 8420 Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Budget: R450.00
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    W7 pro 32bit to W10 pro 64bit.

    Can I use Windows 7 pro oem 32bit cd key on downloaded iso of windows 10 pro 64bit. THX
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    Data service & rural areas.

    If you're in a rural area where the data service is very unstable, do not make the same mistake that i did. I've upgraded to a E220 USB modem with no ext antenna option, while i think a better option was the data card with antenna. The newer USB modem (7.2) seems to be a good choice because of...