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    Car wanted for around R75 000

    Anyone selling their second hand vehicle? looking to spend around 75k. Must be reliable. Need car for student.
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    Desktop cables and office chair

    Items Wanted: VGA cable and 3 pin power cable for desktop monitor, Comfortable office chair. Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: Must work- Chair in good condition Location: Johannesburg/Krugersdorp Willing to accept a shipped item: For cables yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: Below market of new...
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    Mobile data contract not being used- any ideas?

    I need some advice- I signed a 90gb data contract with vodacom (60GB daytime and 30GB night) I signed the contract before COVID. Have it for quite a few months now, have a ob that is client basd so the data was needed. Now I am working from home- the data is not being used. I cannot cancel...
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    Desktop Monitor/ Second portable monitor

    Items wanted: Looking for a very large desktop monitor- (around 30 inches ) or a wide one that can comfartably have 2 windows open. Also looking for a portable second monitor (compact and powered by laptop) Packaging: Not essential Desired Age and condition: Good functioning condition (second...
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    Insurance claim amount

    So about 2 weeks back my car got stolen. Went through the process of claiming from the insurance (where you get treated like a criminal actually) Everything was finalised and got sent a document with the amount they paying out. I was insured for the market value of the car. The payout in my...
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    Car wanted

    Anyone selling a car, looking to buy for around R75000. Hoping to find something in good condition that will get me to work and back comfortably- with a/c and electric windows. Mileage should be decent.
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    Dikhololo School Holidays

    Item name : Weekend at Dikhololo Dates: 29 March to 1st April Duration: 3 nights Reason for selling: Booked but unable to make it Price: R4000 Negotiable: No Location: Brits, North West Unit: 6 sleeper, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Hi, booked a weekend at Dikhololo and now I am unable to attend due...
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    Bachelor Unit- JHB

    Item Wanted: 1 bedroom unit /cottage Condition : Clean unit, peaceful, secure Location: Linden, Craighall, Greenside, Parkview, Montgomery Park and surrounding nearby areas Budget: R4000pm including utilities Looking for a place to rent in these areas. Seeking a place with a...
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    Inernational Transfer for once off payment

    I am traveling to turkey and need to make a payment to my agent in turkey, I have all the required banking details. What would be the best most economical option to get the funds into the account? (preferably tried and tested options) I tried TransferWise only to find SA cards are not allowed...
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    Aramex Courier Disaster

    Hi everyone I sent parcel to my client using Aramex on the 8th of December. I dropped it off at my nearest pick n pay. On the 11th of December the tracking status updated to forwarded to delivery office. The parcel was to be sent to another province and the items were worth R900. The parcel...
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    Bridal Shower venue in Johannesburg

    Does anyone know of a place where a bunch of girls can have a bridal shower - preferably in Jhb or to the west of jhb. They coming along with all their food and decor and will clean up the place afterwards. Was thinking of Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens but the distance to the car and the...
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    2nd hand router

    Anyone with a decent functioning DSL router that they are not using and wish to sell in the Randfontein/Krugersdorp/ Roodepoort areas please reply.
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    Container Homes, Can it work in South Africa?

    Seen some fabulous pictures of container homes (apparently very cost effective in some countries) Does it work in South Africa? Can it work in South Africa? Has anyone tried it out? Does something sounding like a low-cost luxury container home estate make sense? Or is that just an...
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    Telkom Contact details for someone in management, not for a customer services query.

    Hi I need to contact telkom management, not for a customer services related query. Kindly advise contact details. (Email/Phone)
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    TNT Courier Services Admin Fee for Customs Clearance

    Hi I recently ordered a cellphone from which was successfully sent to the courier i selected, being TNT. I was charged an additional R200 for using this shipping instead of the China standard delivery. It is the first time i ordered an item which I was charged customs...
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    Hotel online reservation system

    Hi all, I need to run an online reservation system for more than one hotel on my website. What would be the most affordable way to do this. Please suggest companies to contact or if you are able to develop one yourself kindly reply. Thank You