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    Ticketpro Dome buyer revealed - it's WeBuyCars

    I received 10 % more from WBC then any other dealer...
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    The R4-billion success story of WeBuyCars

    See that they have my kar in auction for already R30000 môre than I got. 2018 BMW active tourer. At worst they are the lessor evil. Was astonished how efficient their system worked.
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    The R4-billion success story of WeBuyCars

    Guys WBC gave me yesterday R27000 more for my bmw than any other dealer. Bmw was the lowest difference was R48000. I Was very impressed with the service . Viewed and sold my kar in 3 hours. They were Also negotiable on price..
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    Your financed primary car: Keep it once paid, or Upgrade regularly?

    We have a ford Kuga paid off. 6 year old. Great car for wife and I have a BMW 2 series. Had it 3 years now. Also paid off will be selling it and buying a big SUV as we need the space(2 kids). I enjoy the BMW but to see how much value it lost over the years isn't a pleasant site. Kuga we'll sell...
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    Homeloan Interest Rates

    Last year November and then this year in Jan
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    Homeloan Interest Rates

    Got prime less 1.35 % on home bond with 10% depo and prime less 0.85% on 100% bond on investment property. Both bonds at FNB
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    When you can face criminal charges for tax mistakes

    What could happen is that they use these new laws to prosecute corrupt politicians . As they can now on their own prosecute..if Im not mistaken. Fingers crossed [emoji1696]
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    Jip had it. Getting out isolasition today.
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    South Africa is getting more tax hikes in 2021 – there’s just one very big problem

    If they just stop the stealing and convict high level corrupt officials their will be no need to raise taxes.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 3

    Wondering the same, the results looks fake when compared to the report from Frontline something...
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    How are you ushering in 2021?

    Self isolating to 2021
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    Property Investment Advice

    Dwarskersbos ftw
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    Have you ever offered a bribe?

    I also had to do the same to get my undeebridge certificate . We need to bribe people to just do their job...
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    Virginmoney CC discontinued

    Same here. My Card still works
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    Phone photos recovery after factory reset

    Inserted vodacom Sim in old Huawei p9 lite. And it just factory reset the phone. There were photos of my boy that were never backed... So fu.. ING mad. Is there any one who can assist to retrieve the photos(PS weren't isn't Google backups done). My wife is in a tail spin... Please assist if...
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    Poor RSAWEB service

    Before lockdown I had no issues. Canceled their service 2 weeks back
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    What 4g RMobile router (with Lan Connection) will you recommend?

    I Just got my Data sim form Vodacom and I need to get a 4g Wifi router(that able to work with a vodacom Sim) with Lan connection as I still use my Desktop at home but I also want to be able to move the router around and that it is able to work during load shedding without power when needed. I...