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  1. lancon

    Do you have crypto assets?

    When SARS see my portfolio they will chip in a little to make it look like something.
  2. lancon

    Jacob Zuma openly defies Zondo commission, says he is ready to be jailed

    Yell if you see the **** start flying
  3. lancon

    Jacob Zuma openly defies Zondo commission, says he is ready to be jailed

    Any live news channels following this or do we have mybb members close by that can capture the action for us???
  4. lancon

    The Worst week.

    So it turns out that this is a really sh!tty week. I lost 3 family members in 3 days. One to cancer and 2 really beloved people in a car accident. How do one process this??
  5. lancon

    Which TV shows are you currently watching?

    Vikings Big bang theory for the 3rd time
  6. lancon

    Would you keep wearing a mask?

    Yip i would
  7. lancon

    'Out of control' fire moves towards UCT after gutting part of Rhodes Memorial restaurant

    Looks like a shift in wind direction. Smoke now going towards city.
  8. lancon

    Shocking Webafrica Service - Who to migrate to?

    Ok. Fibre down for 2 days. Yesterday after work tried to contact them and the only way it seems is whatsapp. Nothing yesterday. At 7 this morning got a reply but now I am at work. After explaining the problem I was told the following : "*Yolanda M*: The IP address expired, you will kindly need...
  9. lancon

    Metatrader 5

    I'm beginning now so still have a long way to go before forking over my money and going live. Met a 21 year old laaitie who spent lockdown to learn all he could about trading so got him showing me the ropes. Want to use this as a side hustle.
  10. lancon

    Metatrader 5

    Hi all. Anyone here use the metatrader 5 app and would like to impart some tips and wisdom??
  11. lancon


    Anyone on here playing?