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    How to stream your desktop audio to your devices (including XBOX 360)

    So I had this problem a while ago where I wanted to stream some audio to my XBOX 360 where my sound system is - which is in another room. Sure, there are lots of ways to stream your music library (some of which are explained in this forum), but I recently discovered Spotify, and the radio...
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    iPad Bluetooth audio

    Wierd. I detest low bitrate audio, so as a result I don't have any low bitrate mp3's. I tried exactly the same songs on all 3 devices and it's only the iPad that has that wierd sound. It's not impossible that the two don't like eachother, although when I try our old 2nd gen iPod nano through...
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    iPad Bluetooth audio

    So I tried to pair my iPad with my car's radio (the standard VW Vivo radio) and, while there was no problem pairing it, the music doesn't sound very good. It's loud enough, but the sound is echo-y, like listening to it in a tunnel. I'm on iOS 5.0.1, and when I pair my Nokia 5800, the sound is...