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  1. Nivea

    iPhone not working on Vodacom netowork.

    Howzit guys, I bought an iPhone ( it’s originally from America ) from a guy I know and for some reason it won't work on Vodacoms network , in the settings it states the phone is not locked to any network but also says the phone is not allowed on Vodacoms network. The guy said it works on Cell C...
  2. Nivea

    Can I return my Vodacom phone phone within 7 days?

    Hey guys, I recently got an iPhone 11 on contract but the display hurts my eyes, so i want to return it to the Vodacom store to get an iPhone 12. I phoned the store and they told me I'm not allowed to return it, So i phoned vodacoms head offices and they told me I have 7 days to take the device...
  3. Nivea

    Best ISP for MetroFibre?

    Hey guys, so MetroFibre is putting some Aerial fibre into South Crest that according to them, should be live before the end of this month, and I need some advice. Who would be the best ISP on their network that could offer me the lowest international latency and good customer support. I wanted...
  4. Nivea

    Initio Networx?

    Hey guys, Initio Networx is about to begin laying fibre in my area, this was confirmed via email from the CEO to myself when I emailed them asking the legitimacy. Our area is South Crest, has anyone heard of this ISP before? Good or bad?
  5. Nivea

    My Twitch channel!

    Howzit oaks, I've recently started streaming on twitch and I wanted to see if I could get some more local viewers / followers. I'm Kyne, from Johannesburg South and I play all types of games, mainly shooters but it depends on whats big at the time I suppose. My link is ...
  6. Nivea

    Black Desert Online now available on our steam store!

    Nvm games trash
  7. Nivea

    Low Cars / Modded car thread.

    Hi guys, I thought I'd start a car thread ( unintentionally ) I currently drive a BMW M135i, stage 2, 300 wheel
  8. Nivea

    Why the sudden boom in amount of ISP's?

    Hey guys, So I've been browsing on Vumas site, and i've noticed that there's is such a large amount of new ISP's, surely the costs of starting a new ISP company can't be so low to allow this many new companies to start? Just wondering. :)
  9. Nivea

    Fibre in South Crest!

    Hi guys, On Vumatel we currently have 37% interest shown if I'm not mistaken and would like to encourage any other people that live in South Crest to show their interest! Find your address and then sign up please! Thanks guys
  10. Nivea

    Crystal Web reliability/ Worth it?

    Hi guys, I saw on Crystal Webs site that you need to get 20 people to show interest in your area and they will roll fibre out, I am in South Crest ( A very tiny suburb, that's often overlooked ) and im going to get those 20 people to sign up via door 2 door and whatsapp groups, but before I...
  11. Nivea

    O-tel - How are they?

    Hi guys, O-telafrica just came to my house and said I have fibre in my street, 34m away lol. I just want to know if they are any good and what you guys have to say about them? Thanks, really appreciate it.