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    Why is my new alarm battery not working?

    Hi all This one should hopefully be easy to solve. Loadshedding killed my Paradox MG5050 alarm battery (Power Kingdom; 7ah) in less than two years. It needed to be replaced as it's runtime decreased to 4.5 hours. I ordered this 9ah battery from Takealot. It has the same physical footprint as...
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    My RAIN peak limit of 0GB/R0 is not working

    Hi all Since I'm going to be using quite a bit more data than my contract with Vodacom (110GB) allows, I dusted of my RAIN sim. In the dashboard, I set the peak time limit to R0/RGB and activated the off peak 19h/day unlimited option. This I did before using the sim, so my usage was 0MB when...
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    iPad MTN SIM not working after being cut

    I recently bought a normal MTN sim card for a iPad 2 3G model. Cutting the sim to micro sim size went according to plan (it pretty much fits perfectly), but the iPad doesn't "see" the sim. I now assume I did something wrong and took some pictures of the sim. SIM SIM in iPad tray I'm really...
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    Few Questions about Overclocking

    So I was wondering about a few things about overclocking. Hope you can help. 1. I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ Stock 2.66Ghz with stock cooler. It idles at around 31 degrees according to CoreTemp 0.99.5 and at around 38 degrees according to SIW. I read that this CPU is a very good...