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    Email Client Setup for Afrihost-hosted Website with Email

    We have a website with a SSL certificate that is hosted by Afrihost on a Shared Linux Website Hosting Plan on a domain. The email accounts are set up as The Mail Clients for testing are Outlook (Windows) and Thunderbird (Both on Windows and on Ubuntu). The mail...
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    Re-order Icons of Firefox Instances on Windows 10 Taskbar

    I have my Windows 10 Taskbar options set to Never combine the icons for multiple instances of the same program. When I open 3 separate windows of Firefox in order 1, 2, 3, then the icons for those instances are displayed on the Windows Taskbar in order 1, 2, 3. Now, in order to organize my...
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    Vox Telecom Website Problems

    Since the weekend I have problems connecting to and interacting with the Vox website to get info about the new Fibre packages on Openserve fibre. Do they have a problem or is the issue on my side only ?
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    iPad 1 Backup - Apps Included

    We are a 'Windows' family and need some Apple advice please. My daughter has won an iPad at a lucky draw after a technical seminar. This is an iPad 1 with IOS 4.3 installed, as well as some apps installed by the American company that sponsored the seminar. We are ready to upgrade to IOS...