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    Help with Solr and Apache - running on Debian

    Hi, Anybody can help with Solr? I have a webservice that runs on any web backend (Apache in this case) but the search function is set to be with Solr. I have both running on a debian machine. Apache is running, the webservice is running and Solr is also running. The problem? I cannot point...
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    Defy Coffee Machine KM630S

    I bought a nice cheap coffee machine for my IT office at makro last december 2018. what is annoying me is that there is an auto-shut off after 40 minutes and I cannot find a way to keep it on. It...
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    Liquid Telecom / Neotel Down???

    My Liquid Telecom / Neotel connection is down since early this morning. I have reported it, but no feedback so far. Anybody else having issues?