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  1. Baxteen

    ABSA App no longer supporting a rooted device

    on start up this morning I got a message saying: "Rooted device detected. Please note that the Absa App will not allow rooted devices in the next app update as the security of your data is important to us." clearly the person making this call at ABSA has no idea what rooting is and what...
  2. Baxteen


    I need some advice. I currently own a Big boy Superlight 200. I know bad call, I should have done more research. but hey. I am looking at selling it, but I want to have an idea of what I want to buy before I start going through the motions. I want a cruiser, I am not that experienced...
  3. Baxteen

    Phoning 808

    so here is a fun fact. you and your 2 friends are all struggling with an issue and decide to phone 808. you are a post paid contract subscriber. on say anytime 200 friend A is a pre paid contract subscriber, on say a top up 200 Friend B is on pre paid, no contract at all. he spends R800...