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    Crypto earnings & Capital Gains Tax

    This is not exactly a problem I am talking about. If SARS won't accept your xls file (there's no any proof that it's the original statement) as a list of your expenses, ALL you sell deals can considered as income and taxed.
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    Crypto earnings & Capital Gains Tax

    I was helping someone to restore trading history from Binance and got to the point that this job seems to be useless. Do you think SARS will accept xls file with your trades as a proof? That's all you can get from Binance. Let me give you one example. Deals one-two: you bought 1 BTC ag 15000...
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    I've been really bad at keeping track of my trades, what can I do for taxes?

    You can download or export any 3 months deals history, even from the time you opened your account. It's not very convenient that you are limited to 3 months, but you can restore missing data at least. Login using browser, not an app.
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    Is legit?

    It took one week to receive my order from Everything went smoothly with DHL delivery to the door step.
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    Is legit?

    I was waiting for x3 pro in South Africa. But you gave me another idea. Do you know which courier service Amazon uses to deliver in South Africa? Hope it's not a Post Office. Maybe you could provide me with some tips what to know while ordering from Amazon.
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    Takealot facing increased competition from international ecommerce companies

    You can choose options for delivery. I had Post office or DHL, which is $40-50 more expensive. ( Not ordered yet) You can't blame the seller if Post Office was chosen. I personally lost few parcels from different senders by PO. I wish someone who ordered from could share his/her...
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    Stay away from Rain.

    Appreciate your reply. I have got a fibre at home. Rain is a secondary ISP, which I use during the day. It would be just fine for me if they could provide proper service
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    Stay away from Rain.

    I sent you the link. How many times dud you try to assist me? Check our conversations history. And I didn't report every single time. Well, you are trying to do your job, it is not your personal fault.
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    Stay away from Rain.

    It's not a joke. If you are looking for internet service provider get yourself something else. Worst service. Every time you lose signal ( happens quite often) you need to reboot the device or switch off/on SIM card in settings. Sometimes, like today, you have to wait hours before rain network...
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    How often can you request sim port?

    Hi! I started to receive MTN otp which I never requested. If someone is trying to make a sim swap/port how often can he request an otp and submit it trying to guess? Where can I report such fraud attempt?
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    SARS E-Filing 2019/20

    My son has the same problem with Easy Equities. On other forum person submitted a correction after filling. He succeeded, but I prefer to sort it out before filling.
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    What to invest in? #Diversification Enjoy :)
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    What to invest in? #Diversification

    Aggressive setup but looking good. Are you sure you can handle deep losses in case of market goes down? I'd like to mention Sygnia 4th industrial revolution ETF SYG4IR. Have a look for about 4-8 %% of your portfolio. Fixed income now? I don't see anything. Rand fixed income is subject of...
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    FNB Stopping Email Statements!!!

    Let's try to complain. Maybe FNB will reverse it's silly action.
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    Your 2020 investments...

    For (2) not that simple. I have ZAR liabilities so I keep certain part of emergency fund in ZAR. I don't like to have USD in cash now unless it's on your brokers account ready for action.
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    Your 2020 investments...

    It's a good place for your emergency fund. 1) You can withdraw after 12 months. In case of emergency with a reasonable fee. 2) You can activate restart option. Rand lost about 30% of it's value YTD. Too much already to carry on like that. If government will increase interest rate you can...
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    Alternatives to EasyEquities

    Doesn't Absa allow you to trade fractional shares? I read your other posts when you bought satrix ETf on EE. So trading by limit orders would never cause these overpriced issues. I read a lot of complaints about EE thread when market is closed or market maker is absent. From that point of view...
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    Fnb international payments discontinued???

    Just read one post above. Adidas explained everything in his posts.
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    Mexem Africa - Is it legit?

    Hi! Did you manage to open an account with TD Ameritrade?
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    Home Loan Rates - Standard Bank

    I am actually asking about the rate I can fight for. Now it's prime+1, but it's a way too high for my profile.