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    Ryzen Stock cooler USB cable

    Hi I'm looking for the USB cable that connects a Ryzen Prism cooler to the USB motherboard header. I bought my cooler second hand and that guy didn't have that cable. That cable is used to configure the RGB of the stock cooler. If anyone has this cable please let me know. Thanks
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    Fibre In Pietermaritzburg

    Hi So on my street and a few others I've notice they started marking off and trenching. I asked the guy working what it was for and he said it's for Fibre. Yay!!!! But he seems to contracted by some other company to do the trenching because he doesn't know for which company they putting the...
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    Afrihost Slow down at Night and weekends

    Hi So I've had afrihost vdsl 20 meg home uncapped account for a about 4 months and it worked great but over the last 2 weeks it has become extremely slow from 6pm up to 10 pm during week days and the entire weekend. Like 2 meg down on speed test. I phoned afrihost and did port reset but no...