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    Best fibre ISP in South Africa - May 2021

    Herotel only at 68%, I must just be lucky that I stay in a smallish town with their offices nearby. I have no issues with their 200mb/200mb. Speeds are so consistent.
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    Herotel Outage

    I've tried this number 023 004 0040 but seems there no direct line to tech support. So you just have to leave a message.
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    Herotel Outage

    So I'm not sure If this is my side, doubt it. My Fibre went off about 1 hour ago. Unfortunately I'm not to sure who's infrastructure Herotel uses. My router lights are on but the small box isn't showing any lights at all. Even the power light does light up. Does that mean the little box is...
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    President Ramaphosa to address the nation tonight

    I actually need to go to a funeral in P.E. this week, I am meant to leave Wednesday, has anyone done this while there have been restrictions crossing provinces? Just want to know more or less am I meant to have some sort of form with me or how does it work exactly.
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    DStv standalone streaming launched in South Africa

    If they would only increase the bitrate or something just to look a bit better, looks horrible sometimes on 1080P on a 4K TV.
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    Do any of you stream DSTV now and watch sport, I have noticed a definite quality drop, on highest/1080p. It looks like the bitrate has been tuned down quite a bit? Also it says it will roughly use 1.7GB/hour, maybe I'm wrong but I am sure it used to be more.
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    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    I play a bit of Valorant and can no local servers.
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    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    Just shout if you want me to do any tests. Yeah I also thought it was an amazing price. Was on promotion when they were launching fibre in the area. Regarding your post in another thread, their fibre package does not have any FUP whatsoever. Already on 1TB for the month and have done 400gb in...
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    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    Hey man, I was also on the fence with them cause they were part of Breedenet and we had their wireless service (breedenet, not Herotel) at work and it was not good at all. I did however make the jump to their 100mb/100mb for R999 FTTH here in Worcester and it has been so dam amazing. Ping of 3...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    So they have been digging in the area for quite some time now and we have been told about a month ago we will have Fibre going live in September. Yesterday Openserve technicians came to give us a letter saying they are doing a network upgrade in the area. Nokia is the agent doing the network...
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    MultiChoice SA CEO Mark Rayner explains DStv standalone streaming service

    I'm also just streaming it basically on my side in other room outside as it is just easier for me that way. I really hope they don't mean you have to sign up for either or.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Yeah much higher pings.
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    Refusing to send your child to school - What you need to know

    1 thing I have noticed in this whole lock down period is the government don't think of how 1 thing effects another. Some parents might have issues of them having to go back to work but not being able to let their children go to daycare/school. What do they do in these circumstances? I'm in...
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    Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi: Every employer must do the following under Level 4 lockdown

    Nxesi encourages businesses who aren't sure if they are allowed to open or not to read the government gazette which has "clear guidelines" on which businesses can open. YET, in the gazzette it says: Car Sales under specific directions. --- Still not sure when they will elaborate on this.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions

    I was interested in this though, gyms are closed and can't go out to jog or anything but we can exercise under strict conditions, so what does this mean?
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions

    I was really hoping they were just going to explain what industries are open and what is closed till what level.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions

    Guys, don't touch spades, please.
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    Durban woman who called Ramaphosa an ape, says comment was blown out of proportion

    No clue why people post this stuff online anyway, what is the purpose?