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  1. Draconia2

    honda crz

    Yes Since we do not have a proper electric vehicle system in SA yet (and around Limpopo where I reside), I see there is this lovely, the Honda CRZ. what year is the best with the least issues ? spares wise are they plentiful ? I really like the inside and outside of the vehicle and specs...
  2. Draconia2

    Supersonic rollover help needed

    Hi Please can someone shed some light on rollover ? Last month I had a **** ton (13+) of night data and few gigs day time data but now my rollover only shows 5 gigs ? It's the second month out of the three where I don't see how much rollover day and night I have Yes the website says...
  3. Draconia2

    roll over ? how does it work

    Hi all So its the second of the month, and it will be now the second month I am using Supersonic LTE. When does the rollover kick in? the first of the month or on the first date of use? My first date of use was on the 4th of Oct (when it got delivered) Please see attached my 60+60...
  4. Draconia2

    Just had about enough with prepaid too

    This is with a paid for 1 gig 1 day R20. Fastest was 99 YouTube throttled Netflix doesn't work Showmax works but has a loading circle sometimes Ps4 downloads update paused - 400mb will take over 4-5 hrs .... Any web pages work fine. 3g mode isn't any better. Incoming port away.
  5. Draconia2

    Cellc soft lock and the R1 extra charge

    So Fast forward a couple of months more.... After being downgraded from 100gb to 80gb (split) and being charged now r544pm We now have another trick from cellc ! In order to increase money in their business account, they have now gone and charged me R1 extra on top of my account (even though...
  6. Draconia2

    Trails and tribulations and more trails of someone who doesn't want to cancel but should have.

    Update on my situation : As per your thread @Dan001 , my initial move was from that 100gb LTE for 470pm to 120GB smartdata share for 499... due to the MTN and cellc agreement flopping and screwing up the little signal there was.... but Percy the agent dropped the ball like he was holding...
  7. Draconia2

    Need a techie ? Call me.

    Hi @Cell_C Enough trash talking, lets talk business. I heard your technicians are too lazy and selfish to work and respond to tickets, If you need a techy for support - I've got 8 years technical support and belong to no unions. Call me.
  8. Draconia2

    Cellc workers on strike again ?

  9. Draconia2

    Phalaborwa needs RAIN LTE

    As subject says. how can I get them to hook up a tower ? There are tons of people here who want to change over to another LTE provider.
  10. Draconia2

    dodgy mechanic ? or did something pop.

    Hello So I have had a shitty experience with my distributor on my rav4 causing a oil leak at the time, I left it at my "trusted" mechanic to get fixed as I was up north limpopo working on something else, upon fixing, the car had a code 12 engine light come on, with idle feeling off and it just...
  11. Draconia2

    100gb LTE offline again. Again end of the month.

    So my LTE sim is doing the same thing it did a few months back. It simply refuses to connect to 4G/LTE. When scanning it finds the network, when selecting the 4g it then attempts and then refuses after few seconds. Support says I need to sim swop when I told them that the sim shows *NO...
  12. Draconia2

    cellc fixed lte no whatsapp today

    As the subject says, fixed LTE does not do anything related to backups / restoring or messaging with regards to whatsapp. once you swop over to prepaid, everything works as it should. anybody else having issues ?
  13. Draconia2

    2006 chev spark 1.0 new clutch judder

    Hi all Recently overhauled gearbox at a gearbox shop with a 12 month warranty (dealership paid for repair) my clutch symptoms to note : 1st gear clutch judder when pulling away with cold clutch, slow release just until it bites reverse clutch judder when reversing from stop, cold clutch, slow...
  14. Draconia2

    chev spark 2006 comments needed

    Hi all So I managed to find a "newer" 2nd gen spark instead of the old matiz shape. Just want to find out from you spark drivers : what commonly goes first ? How much do you pay for cambelt changes ? I got quoted R2000 for the kit and labor. what tyres are nice for this vehicle, gets the best...
  15. Draconia2

    chery qq3 questions

    Hi Looking for a cheap run around town, I have spark / matiz on my list, actually already have a sale ready for a m150 spark (2004) with AC. Do the newer manual transmission qq3 still have issues or have they been rectified ? I see a lot of them for sale which makes me very wary as that means...
  16. Draconia2

    Telkom (another one) - cancelled 1st of DEC 2018 still getting billed

    -Line has been down since 14 October 2018 - reported - -Line back up 5 November - -down again 10 November 2018 indefinitely - reported again - Not resolved - got credits but still had to pay R50 for usage of those 5 days. Cancellation went in on 1st of DEC. Got confirmations. 31st Dec I login...
  17. Draconia2

    Any month to month deals ?

    I spoke to cellc support on their website chat... They said they do have month to month options for sim only data deals but I can't seem to find them ? (I need a replacement of data due to the cellc+mtn agreement flop) I want this deal that is attached in the screenshot but I am very reluctant...
  18. Draconia2

    Vodacom adverts up to sh. again

    So since Cellc and their compadres decided to kill off the fixed LTE customers that were unknowingly on MTN roaming, I have been on a crusade to look for a good LTE deal. The average customer, will see this advert and think, "100GB EXTRA" with the 50+50 deal vodacom is displaying, therefor...