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  1. lancon

    The Worst week.

    So it turns out that this is a really sh!tty week. I lost 3 family members in 3 days. One to cancer and 2 really beloved people in a car accident. How do one process this??
  2. lancon

    Metatrader 5

    Hi all. Anyone here use the metatrader 5 app and would like to impart some tips and wisdom??
  3. lancon


    Anyone on here playing?
  4. lancon

    Mag 6.2 quake - 1600km South of Africa on Sat, 26 Sep 2020

    Wife almost #### herself
  5. lancon

    Webafrica support.

    Yesterday on day 1 of the lockdown my fibre line went dead. Did the reboot of everything but still nothing. Trying to reach webafrica on whatsapp support is absolutely fruitless. Any other avenues I can try?? Tx
  6. lancon


    Is there a webafrica rep on my bb? Thanks.
  7. lancon

    Getting a cnc router

    So i have been 3D drawing and cutting on 3 and 4 axis machines for coming on to ten years. For years i have been making other peoples thousands and thousand of bucks. (Recently did 2 pieces and they were 36k. Each.) So what i would lie to know is is it possible to get a cnc through...
  8. lancon

    A youtube suggestions that worked.

    Got up at 4 this morning at work by 5:30. Finished at 11. Got home grabbed a beer and started YouTube. Now between Danny Bhoy clips and 5 axis cncing YouTube recommended I watch Granpa kitchen's butter chicken. My volgende camping trip maak ek dit.
  9. lancon

    Microsoft Flight

    Morning all. We are looking for a site where we can download Microsoft flight. It was a free to play game that was stopped in 2012 Regards LN
  10. lancon

    CNC traiinng - part time.

    Morning all. I've been working on 3 axis cnc machines now for the last eight or so years. Recently I started watching youtube vids on 5 axis machines and decided that I need to make a move in that direction. Its absolutely amazing what you can do with these machines. I have thought...