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    Herotel Outage

    So I'm not sure If this is my side, doubt it. My Fibre went off about 1 hour ago. Unfortunately I'm not to sure who's infrastructure Herotel uses. My router lights are on but the small box isn't showing any lights at all. Even the power light does light up. Does that mean the little box is...
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    Sonic WIFI

    Just out of curiosity is anyone using these guys? SONIC
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    Fan Monitors

    Built a new case with a few fans so I would just like to know what software can I use to monitor my fans speeds and maybe my GPU and CPU fans if possible? Thanks
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    Sonic WiFi

    Sup all, So my problem is I stay in Worcester and can't get quicker ADSL speeds (currently at 4mb) I have spoken to someone about "Wireless Fibre" but I play a lot of online games so obviously latency is a big issue for me. Is there actually a wireless provider like Sonic that will give you...