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    Ping test

    Good day Can anyone with an CISP account please run a traceroute to the following World of Warcraft server: Am on Afrihost and average around 247ms to this server. The server is located in Chicago. Looking to better this ping as best as possible. Have searched a lot but yet to...
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    Internet drops without warning

    How can I be informed BEFORE HAND when my internet is going down because it is starting to effect my productivity at home. Every time the internet drops I have to constantly visit the Afrihost website and try find out if my area is affected in some way. Most of the time it isn't even listed...
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    Does fibre installation take this long?

    Ordered on the 30th of January. Still no fibre. Only feedback I received was when I started sending Afrihost queries. Is it acceptable for a company to keep their customers guessing regarding installations? I sent my first query on the 9th of February after zero feedback from Afrihost. Received...