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    Openserve Aerial

    I currently have openserve doing the same in my area ( South Hills ). The rollout of the fibre to these poles are a bit slow. I guess they have issues with residents not providing access to the properties. I feel it is rather selfish cause there are residents that want to move over to fibre. The...
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    South Africa's Minister of Defence vs the US Secretary of Defense

    Ok kids everyone settle down if you don’t listen I am sending you to the naughty corner. I guess they didn’t listen and continued Looting
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    Toyota uncertain if it can continue to invest in KZN and South Africa

    Toyota can leave we don't care. We will manufacture our own cars but first we must take 10 lunch breaks and have 20 strikes. In the interim we will use Horse and cart to transport our people.
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    Armoured vehicles pull into Durban

    It will cost a lot but I think it will not eclipse 500 billion stollen and the damage done by the looters…. **** for brains
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    Electricity price hikes kick in tomorrow (1 July 2021)

    As citizens of a country It’s no sense complaining and not doing anything constructive. In 2018 I decided to drive a 2002 Toyota Corolla opposed to a new vehicle. I invested in a solar system which set me back R130000. I can honestly say it was the best decision I made. Lets be money wise and...
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    Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter's impressive performance

    I hate Eskom. But I can’t argue the achievements and figures presented. I hope he continues weeding out the bad elements in Eskom and someday restore the power utility to its former glory.
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    Eskom load-shedding could hit Stage 5 in June

    When I read these articles I thank the almighty I did not invest in a new car and rather a off grid solar system ... I really hope this government opens up the grid to independent energy producers at least it will assist in relieving some of the stress on the grid.
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    The price of DStv Premium, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube Premium on the DStv Explora Ultra

    Lol .... This reminds me of the Street Fighter games .... Super Ultra DSTV ...
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    PlayStation 5 received its first major update, and here are the latest features.

    Lol most of these features came standard day one features for Xbox Series X/S users.
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    This is how much Eskom spent to stop load-shedding during Zulu King’s memorial service

    But the king did so much for South Africa ... he ate the tax payers money for free and his family still receives free money why wouldn’t we want to give him 20mill for a send off.... can you imagine how much more they will spend When our resident rocket scientist kicks the bucket ...Jacob ... Yirrr
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    South Africa to get powerships in Coega, Richards Bay, and Saldanha to solve load-shedding problems

    This is not the solution it’s like a leased vehicle you never own a asset at the end of the lease you only left with a bill to settle
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    Eskom increases load-shedding to Stage 2

    What's sad is that industry has not yet properly opened up and winter is around the corner and they say an increase in demand. We are so screwed come winter.
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    Spectrum auction halted as Telkom gets interdict

    Once again the end user has to pay for the incompetence of the current government. The procrastination around digital migration has been going on for so long. I guess they have not received a solid bribe to move forward with such. All government run facets are rotten to the core it’s a circus...
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    We will double our customers and take on Netflix through local content – MultiChoice CEO

    Lol ... I didn’t realize today is nationals clowns day
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    Telkom prepares to launch 5G

    Lol ... you really need to read between the lines ... it’s me being sarcastic ... i keep saying the stupid should have been kept in school on Saturdays and Sundays... Since you shoot from the hip here’s some info for you ... Vuma reach project is making more money selling to the masses by...
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    Telkom prepares to launch 5G

    These sites are in Sandton, Rosebank etc ...our market strategy is to deploy in areas that are over saturated, it only makes sense to deploy in the more affluent areas as there are definitely more rich than there is lower to medium income house holds ... pinky and the brain mentality...
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    Eskom wants solar panel users to pay more for electricity

    Could these measures not be see as anti-competitive. Similar to what DSTV tried to do with Netflix and now they are in bed together. Eskom should learn if you cant generate cost efficient electricity partner with those that can similar model that which saw DSTV partner with Netflix. I honestly...
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    Rain Speed and Stability issues after load shedding

    Yes it is 5G, my usual speed is around 200mb + but today after load shedding the line has become very unstable and the download erratic tried rebooting the router etc problem persists. Hi, i have pmd you please check inbox. thanks for your response.