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  1. craigba

    Vodacom incorrect debit order

    Hi all, I am extremely frustrated and posting on every medium I can until I can get this resolved (hopefully a Vodacom person can help me out) I was retrenched in March 2020. I contacted Vodacom in April to advise them of this and that I would struggle to pay the contract. I was told that they...
  2. craigba

    Afrihost at it again

    So, a few months a go I queried with AfriJoke as to where all my data was going. "We cannot give you an exact time as to when the data is being used, just that it was used during a "session"", they said. Firstly, that doesn't help me - did I use all the data when I logged on at 05:00, or did the...
  3. craigba

    Rain -LTE-A Data just disappearing

    I am on a 20 GB package with Afrihost Occasionally I have to top up - which I don't mind, as usage correlates to the data going down In April, I had to top up 5GBs a few times, so I started digging further Afrihost gives logs for a day - they show that we used data (close to 200Mbs) when no one...
  4. craigba

    Insurance Excess higher if their Node not installed

    Hi guys, Me again... Our complex has received an offer from our insurance brokers to have someone come out (for free) and install a new node on our geysers (if the geysers are easily accessible), otherwise they won't do it / will charge... They say that if this node is not installed, we'll...