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    Unrestricted APN

    Hi Is there anyone from CELLC on here that can assist with activating Unrestricted APN? I have been trying for 7 days now and still no luck. Call centre can't help. Social Meadia team can't help. KZN Tech Team LEads doesn't respond. Anyone have any contact at Cell C that actually wants to...
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    Vumatel speed upgrades [2020-04-01 - 2020-04-06]

    Morning guys. Seems Vumatel has upgraded line speeds but your queues are still set to 100mbps and not 200mbps. Have you completed a the upgrades? Vuma Aerial, Wilgeheuwel.
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    High latencies

    Anyone experiencing high latencies and low download speeds? Getting 10ms to CISP speedtest server and only 20mbps down on a 100mbps line. Edit: Vuma Aerial in Wilgeheuwel
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    Facebook on CISP

    Hi I am have a very annoying problem when access the iOS Facebook app in CISP. Loading of videos and photos are intermittent. Sometimes they won't load at all. Checked on multiple iOS devices. If I switch to 4G everything works perfectly. Everything else works perfectly and Wi-Fi throughput is...
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    NeoBroadband Fibre/Microwave - Your experiences please

    Hi Guys I'm looking at replacing 5x 4mbps ADSL lines with one 15mbps NeoBroadband link. I need higher upstream speeds as 640kbps is not sufficient. I will be running VPN tunnels originating on ADSL lines and terminating on this 15mbps link. I will appreciate any feedback on the...
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    MWEB does not give a crap!

    * Rant Warning * I probably a bit late only realising this now, but sheesh, they just don't give a crap. We have been sitting without our domain for more that two days due to an account descrepancy and they just dont care. They go home at 16:10, they don't return phone calls or voice...
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    Microsoft Volume Licensing

    Hi Can some one help me with a quotation on volume licensing for Office 2007 and Server 2003 or direct me to a company that might be able to help me? Many thanks. Regards,
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    Anti-Virus: Corporate

    Hey Guys So we currently use Symantec End-Point security. Is it just me or is it the biggels load of crap ever made? So what other decent options are there? I've used Kaspersky and it seems to be VERY effective! Is there a "Managed" option available and who in JHB can I speak to regarding...
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    Multichoice might launch HD for the 2008 Olympics in August

    A Multichoice employee dropped a hint that the DSTv HD PVR Decoders might be launched in August for the Olympic games. Im holding thumbs. @ rpm any chance that you could investigate this?