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    Sell or rent out apartment

    Share a spreadsheet that lists all expenses (both fixed and variable) along with expected income. Be sure to include bond amount, interest rate, insurances, levies, and an estimate of likelihood of tenants defaulting. Also estimate sale value after expenses contrasted to purchase price to...
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    Outdated Eskom and municipal electricity standard for solar power is based on absurd assumption - Chris Yelland

    I think if you factor in the installation, daily feed in tariff, and electricity cost you can probably break even over 10 years by going completely off grid with a solar geyser, gas, and 20kwh of lithium battery storage with a large solar array.
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    Discovery Bank

    I buy electricity and airtime with miles and get15% off. Serves as a form of lubricant against the 15% tariff that kicked in today.
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    Eskom wants to adapt or shut down most of its coal plants by 2050, needs R143 billion

    Won't they be paying that much on coal over that time to feed the coal power stations? Doesn't make sense that you only need R140 billon to move completely away from coal when Medupi alone will ultimately cost R234 billon.
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    Retirement Annuity (RA) or not?

    One thing I don't like about both Sygnia's and Coronation's platforms is that they don't take the actual asset allocation within a fund when working out your Reg 28 compliance - just the theoretical maximum for each asset category. For instance, the fund could have 20% invested offshore and even...
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    PAYE - Statement of Assets and Liabilities

    False alarm - i had the box checked for having other sources of income. Afraid this was an ID10T error.
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    PAYE - Statement of Assets and Liabilities

    Hey peeps Just requested my return on efiling and noticed that there's a new section requiring me to submit a statement of assets and liabilities. I have some crypto with Luno (that i've never sold or transacted on) so am thinking it's possibly that, but wasn't aware that SARS had feelers into...
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    Polo 1.2 Tsi water pump

    Not sure about Polos but with the cars I've owned the water pumps have been buried so deep in the engine bays that the labour is as much as the part. Can vouch for Goldwagen.
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    MTN 1TB deals

    I have the R199 x 24 month 20GB data contract with MTN - should I be able to share that 20GB with other MTN sims? Even pre-paid ones?
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    Post Office closing 130 branches

    The post office down the road from where I grew up is closing down. Been open for 30+ years. Rent hasn't been paid in months.
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    Big specials on ultra-large TVs in South Africa

    Ain't got nothing on my 12 year old 32 inch HD Ready Samsung LCD. Also, why not just make the 50 inch TVs cheaper so we all can have something to be happy about?
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    What you should know about paying tax on cryptocurrency trading in South Africa

    So basically it's treated the same as a share.
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    Testamentary trusts, simultaneous death, and life insurance

    Thanks for all the feedback. It sounds fairly straightforward but have been confused around whether a will can override the nominated beneficiaries in the life insurance policy. From what I've read a will can't supersede these nominations at the policy level. So if both the wife and I peg and...
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    Bonus/Increase Season - How has COVID affected you?

    Fortunately haven't had a salary cut but haven't ever had a bonus since I started working in 2010 :)
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    Testamentary trusts, simultaneous death, and life insurance

    Hi Peeps My wife and I have a toddler and need to revise our wills. I'm trying to understand whether there's a way to exercise flexibility in how life insurance beneficiaries are nominated. In the event that my wife and I die around the same time (simultaneous death) we'd want the life...
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    Government wants to sell stake in SAA for R6 billion

    I would like someone to pay me money to purchase a stake in my credit card debt. All they get access to is a liability in the debt and ill take the cash.
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    Dimension Data taken to court over allegedly paying black former executive less than colleagues

    He probably wants to buy the new PlayStation AND XBox.
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    Denel prioritises Red Falcon helicopter and missiles for SA defense needs

    It's doubtful whether the Rooivalk remains a viable weapons platform after the years of delays and competition from other more capable international alternatives.
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    Investigation into Takealot's dominance

    What did they think would happen when the merger with was approved? Also, where are the investigations into SAA's/Eskom's dominance and blatantly unfair advantage with unlimited financial support from Government?
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    Dual sim funtion blocked from MTN and Vodacom

    Are phones sold by non-carriers (Takealot, Incredible Connection etc.) free from being network locked? I want to know whether I'd be able to use both sim cards in a dual sim phone if I bought one cash instead of stupidly having it disabled by Vodacom or MTN if I purchased one via them.