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    Vumatel - Migrating from Mind The Speed --> Afrihost

    I've given notice to Mind The Speed - my last day will be the end of the month. Do I just wait for that day --> sign up via the Afrihost portal (and I'm then instantly connected) ---> or is there more to it in terms fo downtime / prep? Thanks!
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    Aerial fibre --> from pole (black box) --> to my house - how?

    Currently with Vumatel (trenched), but Openserve have entered in my area and run an aerial fibre link to a pole behind my house (the big black pole boxes). If I switch to Openserve and connect to that, then how do they run that "last mile" to my house (via a shallow trench and conduit or aerial...
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    Makro... Website issues...

    Some dev forgot to make --> redirect to (or use a CNAME) Timeout on the former - so no site loads... --> while the latter loads. I wonder how much traffic they're losing? % dig ;; ANSWER SECTION: 321 IN A
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    Any Vuma ISPs offering free migration + Gigabit?

    I'm with Mind The Speed and they don't offer Gigabit (or plan to) at the moment. I know WA is offering free migration, but they don't offer Gigabit - perhaps there's someone else who has both?
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    Anyone shipped in a mac recently?

    Looking at importing a Macbook Pro 13" M1 - 16GB RAM + 512GB - 1 TB SSD. That's a BTO machine locally - so I'm wondering if it would be worth it to order from BHPhoto --> ship via Aramex? Any thoughts or expectations on import duties / taxes I can expect to pay? Thanks!
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    Acquiring foreign (US citizenship)

    I'd like to see if this is an avenue that's possible to pursue. Scenario: - Grandmother born in Hollywood - parents not US citizens, citizenship never claimed by GM (have birth certificate) Would my mother or aunt as an example have a claim to US citizenship given GM's birth location...
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    Service Plans - are they worth it?

    Maintenance Plans - are they worth it? (I messed up the thread title :X3:) What do / don't they cover. Dealer is trying to sell me a LiquidCapital maintenance plan for R8735.04 on a new Honda Jazz 1.2 Comfort. Any...
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    Sim only deals - contract up for renewal...

    I've got an expiring Telkom FreeMe contract - and since they've nerfed the free data allocations (for Video / Music) I think i'll be leaving. I'm looking for a SIM only deal (still happy with my current iPhone) that provides: 50-100 mins (really 50 is probably fine) 5GB+ data Any good deals -...
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    Lowest interest rates during lockdown?

    I've seen BMW offering 2% on certain demo / preowned models ($$$ ones). Then with regards to average cars I've seen Mazda offer 3.9% on the Mazda2 and 3.27% on the Mazda 3 - which seems crazy low!
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    New car - how much negotiation can I get away with?

    Hi, Car normally retails for R279 600 in CPT (I'm in CPT) Dealer is selling new for R199 900 in JHB (I guess they're selling close to cost to clear floor due to Covid?) Licensing + on the road is R6500 + freight to CPT is R4500. Do I have any leeway to negotiate here as a cash buyer - and if...
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    Anyone ever had to replace their butterfly keyboard, as part of the repair program?

    Hi, If so - how long did it take? How long will I be without a machine for? (2017 MBP) Thanks!
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    ESATA --> SATA cables

    Hi, I can't find these in stock anywhere. Anyone have any old cables lying around that I can buy / have? - trying to revive some old HP N36L units and squeeze in an extra drive. I'm in CPT. Thanks!
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    Oracle Cloud - Free Certifications + Training + Always Free Tier.

    Another good freebie, from a company that us tech's LOVE TO HATE. Oracle... (damn you for killing Sun Microsystems, and your ludicrous billing / random switching of contractual terms!) Nonetheless, this is a good offer by them - free Oracle Cloud training and CERTIFICATION (yes, free as in...
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    Ansible for DevOps / Kubernetes - free, as in free beer!

    Ever wanted to pick up some Ansible knowledge for system, network or Kubernetes automation, but have never had the time? - well the time is now! Jeff Geerling (a living legend in the Ansible community) has decided to give away his Ansible books for free during this pandemic. As if that wasn't...
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    [WANTED] Intel 4790k CPU

    Item Wanted: Intel 4790k CPU Packaging Essential: Yes Desired Age: N/A Location: Cape Town, Century City Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: +-R1500
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    Are any hardware suppliers open in CPT? or any online stores?

    I'm looking for: molex --> dual sata splitter esata --> sata cable EXAMPLES:
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    Reporting fake Corona news?

    Is there any way to report fake news? Especially if people insist on spreading it, once reprimanded.
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    Why are fibre ISP's so utterly pathetic?

    According to the Vumatel coverage page, my area is now live: However, Mind The Speed refuse to process my order - stating otherwise. They then ask if I wish to proceed with my order when the area goes live - to which I say yes (and show them the coverage map...
  19. S - offline for last day?

    I just ordered a few days back. Hopefully they're not shutting up shop - seems a long time for their site to be "offline for maintenance"...
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    VPN - lifetime $15 Use coupon: VPNFEB15 (bring cost down to $15) If anyone want's a cheapie disposable VPN (doubt it lasts more than a year or two, despite the lifetime claim) - but great for disposable **** like Netflix ;) I've been using it for...