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  1. J Trustworthy?

    I ordered a medium size appliance last week, got it delivered the next day the rest of the items off the same order (smaller stuff) got delivered a few days later. Never had an issue with Loot, in fact they now my first choice not takealot they are having some big sale on at the moment so...
  2. J

    Afrihost Pure DSL

    So just out of interest, am i the only that gets an arrears message on clientzone even though my account is up to date and my debit order are coming off every month ? AfriNatic is helping me out but i just want to see if i'm the only one with this issue, its super frustrating. I've been dealing...
  3. J

    Afrihost - Cant update card details via clienthost :(

    @AfriNatic please can you assist me again, i got a call to from a family member to say the adsl isnt working. i log in to the app and to my surprise see a unpaid amount - i promptly pay it as i assume the debit didnt come off again :( i check my bank account and i see i was debited on the 2nd...
  4. J

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    GIZZU 8800MAH Mini DC|POE UPS R699 -
  5. J

    Who has the best uncapped adsl these days ?

    I havent changed my account in many years but think its finally time to look at the other options out there. My capped account with afrihost is no longer viable for me so looking for an uncapped adsl package - the account is actually for a relative that i manage and pay for - he uses it for a...
  6. J

    Afrihost - Cant update card details via clienthost :(

    @AfriNatic i've sent you a pm, really hoping you can help me. i had an email from Swathi on Sep 24th confirming all my products have been linked to the new card but this isnt the case. i get an email/sms every month saying my account is in arrears :( i usually go in manually and then pay with...
  7. J

    Afrihost - Cant update card details via clienthost :(

    Hi AfriNatic I'll send you a pm shortly but yeah i did go through the R1 reserve twice and last month as well but it still keeps my old details.
  8. J

    Afrihost - Cant update card details via clienthost :(

    Hi My card expires or expired already, i updated my card details to the new card on my app last month now i see i'm getting email to update my card details again :( looks like the changes i made via the app last month didnt take ? Anyway i logged on now via chrome to clienthost and updated my...
  9. J

    Afrihost Pure DSL

    i have an existing 50gb capped adsl account with Afrihost - i usually get 100gb, the 50gb on the normal account and another 50gb on the afrigreen account. This month i see i only have 50gb - did they do away with the afrigreen accounts ?
  10. J

    Would I be making a mistake

    i only use my wifi on my iphone 4 the call data is turned off (3g as well) i have wifi at home and limited wifi at work so it suits me perfectly. only time i have an issue is when i'm travelling or on holiday...then i forced to turn on the data and that goes quite quick with me :(
  11. J

    How the Consumer Protection Act will affect you

    How the Consumer Protection Act will affect you ...
  12. J

    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    around R2500 for two ppl ... i do eat alot though !....