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    PAYE - Statement of Assets and Liabilities

    Hey peeps Just requested my return on efiling and noticed that there's a new section requiring me to submit a statement of assets and liabilities. I have some crypto with Luno (that i've never sold or transacted on) so am thinking it's possibly that, but wasn't aware that SARS had feelers into...
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    Testamentary trusts, simultaneous death, and life insurance

    Hi Peeps My wife and I have a toddler and need to revise our wills. I'm trying to understand whether there's a way to exercise flexibility in how life insurance beneficiaries are nominated. In the event that my wife and I die around the same time (simultaneous death) we'd want the life...
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    Where Can I Buy a Hitachi Hard Drive?

    Peeps I want to buy a new Hitachi 3.5" internal hard drive (probably 3tb) - anyone know of a reputable retailer who stocks them?
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    MWEB Premium Uncapped ADSL vs OpenWeb Vanilla Uncapped

    Hi everyone I currently have a 4mb premium uncapped account with MWEB, and was wondering whether OpenWeb's 4mb Vanilla uncapped account is at all comparable (looking to see whether it would be worth the R200 pm saving). I understand that it might not be a fair comparison, given that MWEB's...
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    Getting Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 to see each other

    Hello I have a laptop running Windows 8 Pro and a MicroServer running Windows Server 2012. For the life of me i can't get them to see each other. I can get them to ping each other, and I can even remote desktop into the MicroServer from the laptop, but if I try reference the other machine...
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    Meditation Centres in Cape Town?

    Hello I'm keen to try out meditation. Anyone have first-hand experience with any of the meditation centre's in Cape Town? I be looking for recommendations ;) Thanks.
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    Best First Aid Course Provider in Cape Town?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to do a basic first aid course. Any recommendations on good places offering first aid courses in Cape Town? Thanks.
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    Wireless Access Point device advice

    Like a fool I managed to pull off my D-Link 2640u wireless ADSL router's antenna (I thought it might have an RP connector). Needless to say, the router no longer transmits a wireless signal with any strength to speak of. Instead of buying a new wireless router I thought of getting a wireless...
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    Legal insurance - which is the best?

    I'm thinking about taking out legal insurance, and have been looking at FNB's Law-On-Call. Does anyone have experiences to share regarding this service? Are there better alternatives out there? Thanks :)
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    Accommodation in Franschhoek

    I'm thinking of taking the girlfriend down to Franschhoek for the weekend, and I'm looking for places to stay. Can anyone recommend accommodation in the area, preferably close to the center of town? My budget is up to around R750 (breakfast doesn't have to be included in the rate). Any...
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    Hospitals in South Africa charged over kidney transplant trafficking
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    Encryption for MSN Messenger?

    Has anyone had experience with software that claims to encrypt conversations with MSN Messenger? If so, which do you think is the best?
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    Koeberg Interchange - when will it open?

    Koeberg Interchange (incoming) in Cape Town was scheduled to be open a week ago if I am not mistaken, but delays pushed back the opening. Tomorrow (2010/06/07) is supposed to be the new opening date. Has anyone come across any information to suggest otherwise?
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    Can anyone recommend a good place to get travel insurance?

    So I'm off to see a bit of the world in August and have decided that a bit of travel insurance can't be a bad thing. I'll be gone for two weeks. So far, I've had a look at Travel Insurance Consultants ( Can anyone recommend any other companies that they have used in the past...
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    VW Polo 1.4 - how does it pull?

    I'm thinking of getting a 1.4 polo (2nd hand). Ideally I'd like the 1.6, but they generally seem to be R20k more expensive. I drive like an old fart - into 5th gear by 50km/h, cruise at 110km/h on the freeway. The 1.4 only pushes out 62kw and 112nm of torque - my question is whether it still...
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    Virgin Money credit card - expiration date and replacement

    My Virgin Money credit card will expire next year, and I was wondering whether anyone knows at which point I can expect to hear from Virgin Money about a replacement card? Any ideas how long before the card's expiration that they contact you?
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    Mathe sentenced to 54 years HTF do all of those charges compute to 54 years? Surely more like 154? What the hell is going on?
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    Another Airlink aircraft down

    An Airlink ERJ went off the end of the runway at GRJ (George Airport) about an hour ago. Details are still sketchy, and the state of the crew and pax can't yet be confirmed. Will post more details as they become available.
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    Careless driver writes off Italian police's prized Lamborghini

    Sounds about right :p
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    Google Accelerates Internet With Public DNS Service