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    FinTech Jobs in Europe

    I was approached by one of their talent scouts but I could unfortunately not take up any of the opportunities so I'm posting it here if anyone might be interested in relocating to Europe. You can register your interest here.
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    Man dies in freak dog collar accident

    This is the leading story on News24 First weird, then sad.
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    Good quality twin LNB for dualview PVR

    I'm asking this question on behalf of a friend who bought a HD TV and who now wants to convert to dualview. He would appreciate any advice on the best quality LNB to get and where to get it. Bear in mind that he's in the northern suburbs and most probably wouldn't want to venture too far out...
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    Did anyone receive a call from any party?

    I received a call from the DA yesterday - well, the women said that she was from the DA. Apparently, they got my details from the voters roll. She then proceeded to ask me to vote for the DA in the upcoming elections. I responded by asking what their manifesto is or whether they have a...
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    Do you know people like this ?

    Have you ever met or befriended people who turned out to be such quality people in terms of their character, that you just wanted to hold on to them forever? What prompted this question was just that I was thinkink back on some of my past friendships, and there's ones that I dearly miss...