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  1. XTM

    ‘Pay your e-tolls or you will be blacklisted’

    Sanral you can try what ever. Take the public to court. We won't pay
  2. XTM

    Eskom load shedding continues as rand struggles to gain ground

    The rand could hit R20/$
  3. XTM

    Eskom blames Cyclone Idai for SA’s power outages

    Eskim import electricity from Mozambique and export it to others
  4. XTM

    [New Zealand] Fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques. Update: 49 dead

    What a coward act. openly go shoot people that don't have power to react or aware of such
  5. XTM

    All the new features coming in Android 10

    Security updates like windows 10
  6. XTM

    Sanral is going after motorists who don’t pay their e-tolls – here’s why you can’t ignore them

    so why outa doesn't want to come front clearly. They representing who? Again they will be race talk start here so....
  7. XTM

    Eskom load-shedding is back [14/3/2019]

    Yesterday Eskom switched off from 17:00 to 21:30. So here is thanks giving fu eskom
  8. XTM

    Major driver’s licence backlog: 200,000 and counting – what you need to know

    this is how the make money from public
  9. XTM

    The SA Post Office is truly delusional

    sapo like kfc
  10. XTM

    Windows 10 will automatically uninstall buggy updates

    M$ realized that they fck up win10. trying to cover up like etoll mess.
  11. XTM

    Import fee+Shipping

    Bought the item locally
  12. XTM

    Windows 7 extended support - Microsoft pricing

    Forcing the world to use fkup crap windows 10 with only security updates just to make $$$
  13. XTM

    Windows 7 extended support - Microsoft pricing

    M$ really means business.
  14. XTM

    South African tech prices vs US imports

    ^^^ you saying that buyers in SA pay extra for clearence to aramex? You made very confusing statement..
  15. XTM

    Sherlotronics crap

    Yes. antennas is always at optimal hight. to make this clear 1 remote is working out of 4 with same setup.
  16. XTM

    Sherlotronics crap

    new batteries installed but they refuse to work. can I may be send these back to them? will they help regarding this?
  17. XTM

    Sherlotronics crap

    Hey guys, sherlo remotes are giving up without any reason. This is so surprising as 3 remotes just stopped working. I purchase sherlo product will never again in future. can e.t remotes works with sherlo receiver? I have 2x four channel and 1x single channel installed.
  18. XTM

    The Gauteng Heavy Rain and Hail Warning Thread!

    You made me double check on this one
  19. XTM

    The Gauteng Heavy Rain and Hail Warning Thread!

    My home ids alarm seems gone. After yesterday night lightning. This morning after about 3 hour later the alarm just trigged itself.