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    Medical aids in South Africa asked to cap price increases for 2022

    Discovery wont do that. They have a new building and their consultants/business vehicles are Audi A1s.
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    Eskom not being honest about problems at Medupi

    Would you rather believe Eskom and the ANC?
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    Post Office falling apart - can't pay bills, pensions not being paid into employee accounts

    All the ANC had to do, was to take over from the apartheid government and continue and improve because of the mass number of people being fully included. But no, they broken down and destroyed EVERYTHING because of ANC cadre privilege.
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    TV Licence inspectors haven't worked in 10 years

    They can't come in if I'm not home. And if they decide to come after hours, I'm sure as hell not going to let them in. Cele can't even protect business from being destroyed, how will he and his useless police force keep me safe from illegal TV inspectors.
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    A R300m private college versus government's failed R866 million infrastructure plans

    The ANC cannot even replace all pit toilets................... And when they try, the construction is shoddy and the toilet breaks up in a week or their voters steal the toilet.
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    Death Kitty Ransomware Linked to Attack on South African Ports

    All SOEs have been hit with ransomware. It is called ANC, which is demand/stealing/looting money from tax payers..........
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    A R300m private college versus government's failed R866 million infrastructure plans

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good article..............haven't had a laugh like since yesterday when I read another ANC failed article
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    Serious traffic offences that can get you arrested on the spot

    According to this, all mini-bus taxi drivers must actually be arrested.
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    New ID numbers for South Africa - The big changes

    Just another money making scheme for the ANC to loot more money
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    Four Western Cape municipalities owe Eskom R156 million - DA

    People are too scared of the unknown to have EVERYTHING working and run properly.
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    Primary school principal suspended for 'lowering pupil into pit toilet' to retrieve dropped cellphone

    After 27 years of democracy and the ANC can not even do this properly.
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    SA couple robbed while on Zoom call

    You can't really blame him. Violent crimes happen everyday in South Africa. And even with public looting and violence, like what happened in KZN and JHB, the ANC government doesn't do much. How can they? They will not do anything to their cadres and voters.
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    Gauteng Education Department reportedly tells principals that "strict enforcement" of social distancing is not compulsory

    Maybe the reason why the ANC and Angie destroyed the education system. To get it down to their own and their supporters' level.
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    Why internet banking struggles on payday

    Very true about Standard Bank. I'm with Standard Bank and it is very frustrating when the services go down with month-end.
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    Why internet banking struggles on payday

    "Unscheduled maintenance", actually is...........fixing breakdowns.
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    ‘Free Jacob Zuma’ protests take fiery turn as 25 trucks burnt in KZN

    Bheki will now push even more, to disarm the citizens. How dare we protect our own property against the ANC looters and voters.
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    Coolest tanks, armoured vehicles, and aircraft used by the SANDF

    Exactly. With the SADF we had prior to 1994, that is exactly what would have been done.