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    Israel crush: Dozens killed at Lag B'Omer religious festival

    Dozens more were injured at the Lag B'Omer celebration, which takes place annually at the foot of Mount Meron. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travelled to the scene and said Sunday would be a day of national mourning. Tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews attended the all-night festival...
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    South Africa: Apology issued for 'blasphemous' remark in mosque raid.
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    Muslim groups go to courts to challenge lockdown Whilst the world is involved in an epic crisis, our muslim friends are demanding special privileges. SMH
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    The only woman to win an Olympic medal for Iran just defected Alizadeh is not the only notable Iranian athlete to defect in recent months: Olympian and judoka world champion Saeid Mollaei left Iran and ultimately became a Mongolian citizen after Iranian officials allegedly pressured him to throw a match...
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    As Donald Trump prepares to visit India, protests erupt in New Delhi over controversial citizenship law
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    The science of understanding Quranic corrections

    Some groundbreaking work currently being done to determine the authenticity of Islams primary holy book based on the earliest surviving copies. First book just released with more to follow. Would be nice if we had a History section along with Natural Science.
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    Man Drags Truck Driver Out, Steals Truck Then Rams Cars In Germany Are these just random attacks or should we be concerned?
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    Saudi Arabia plans futuristic desert city with robot maids, neon beaches - and alcohol Are we about to see drunk pilgrims circling the black box?
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    Indian 'hate preacher' Zakir Naik charged with money laundering
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    First Tel Aviv rocket attack since 2014 sets off sirens. Progress?