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    Bandwidth Management - HUAWEI B618

    Sorry for the late reply, I missed this response. I want to allocate a specific amount of data usage for a device.
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    Bandwidth Management - HUAWEI B618

    Hello everyone I’m looking to use my huawei B618 to manage users bandwidth. I can see that the router itself does not support that functionality. I have seen around the web that some are recommending Mikrotik Hap Mini be connected to the router to get this function. I’m not sure how these two...
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    The entertainer

    Happy to ping Durban offers - don’t really want anything in return, apart from Starbucks I have at least one of everything else. PM me
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    Colour coding bumpers and mirrors in Durban

    Agree with Flanagan’s or Palace Panel and Paint in Mt Edgecombe
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    Colour coding bumpers and mirrors in Durban

    I’d recommend Panelrite, they are incredibly good.I’ve seen lots of super cars there for work
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    Microsoft Dynamics Consulting - Certification

    I’m looking into dumping my full time job and entering into the consulting arena. Are there any AX consultants here ? How did you go about getting certified ? I found some info on the Microsoft website but I don’t understand where the actual training material is. Are there any certified...
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    Download videos from YouTube
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    Apple Watch series 2 Nike+ Edition

    Item: Apple Watch 2 42mm Nike Edition Age: 18 months Price: R3500 Warranty: No Packaging: Full with extra Milanese strap Condition: Excellent Location: Durban Reason: series 4 Shipping: your cost your risk Collection: Yes Link:
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    The Audi Thread

    Vick’s Auto Clinic, I’m send in my A4 in for its 120K service on Wednesday , I’ll let you know how it goes.
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    The Audi Thread

    Any recommendations for an Audi specialist in Durban ? I’m out of plan now and I would rather take it to a reliable private workshop than back to Audi for work to be done