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  1. XTM

    Import fee+Shipping

    Bought the item locally
  2. XTM

    Sherlotronics crap

    Hey guys, sherlo remotes are giving up without any reason. This is so surprising as 3 remotes just stopped working. I purchase sherlo product will never again in future. can e.t remotes works with sherlo receiver? I have 2x four channel and 1x single channel installed.
  3. XTM

    SOLD ..Samsung USB3.0 OTG Flash drive+MS Wireless KB/Mouse

    Item:OTG Drive+Microsoft wireless KB/Mouse combo Age:Not sure Price:R450 for both Warranty:No Packaging:Will bubble wrap it Condition:Excellent Location:Rtb north west Reason:Not Using it Shipping:Yes Collection:Sure!product?id=PLID29358367...
  4. XTM

    easypay transaction fee

    checked my bank trans history today and notice a charge fee of R27. I didn't know that they charge fee for pay bills. what fee you guys paying for per transactions?
  5. XTM

    Anyone dealt with "affordableaccommodation4u"

    just need little help regarding this before I book accommodation with them.
  6. XTM

    Main 3 Phase To Single Phase After Power Back

    Hi everyone, Last night our area experienced hard shut down electricity supply. this morning it return with single phase instead of 3 phase that my house is currently running. so how this is possible they just switch off other 2 phase? is this to be consider a fault or this might be...
  7. XTM

    FU Sherlo

    sorry guys but I have to say **** you SHERLO for good quality product. The remote stopped working when I arrived at my house. first I thought it might be battery. I ran to the local store and purchase one but remote refuse to work and lock me out. small LED on the remote also stopped. I really...