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    What would you do if your child came out as transgender?

    Should that not be, no ball unturned?
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Yup, won't be smoking it
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    The answers only thread! (II)

    That's not a failure. That's life
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    Post your most profound thoughts of the day

    The mind is a fickle bitch. Feed it what it craves
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    Criminal record

    A friend of mine had to apply in Pretoria to get it expunged.
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    Answer the question above you

    The universe is huge. The pony could move in the opposite to the sun. Would you travel to the sun?
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    The questions only thread... MKIII

    What are the origins of the word question?
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    What's for dessert?

    can you start?
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    Last Poster Wins Vll: Trippy Balls Deluxe Edition

    How does your music choice determine you mental state?
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    What would you do if your child came out as transgender?

    I don't understand how kids that have sexual experience decide they gay. How do they know they don't enjoy pussy or dick?
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    Keep one, change one (IV)

    Best buy
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    Terrarium/Titanium TV

    Is there another app like showbox that resolves and chooses the link on it's own
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Yo, wuzzup Can you get in trouble for taking weed in the plane. Local flight.